Amazing Colours to Paint Your Home This Holi For March 2021

Holi, the festival of colours is celebrated in different corners of India with pomp and exuberance. It is a great time to give your home a festive makeover and no better way than injecting some colour into your space than through your walls.

We have put together a vibrant selection of hues for some much-needed colour therapy in your house. Read further.

YELLOW ZODIAC (3A0388) for a sunny dose of yellow

Yellow is almost synonymous with turmeric, an ingredient of great importance at auspicious functions across religions.

When it comes to house painting, it is a wonderful choice as it symbolises happiness, serving as the perfect backdrop for your card parties during the merry occasion of Holi.

DEEP GREEN FOREST (4A0268) for a touch of green

Green symbolises the start of Spring, marking new beginnings. Dress up your walls in this gorgeous verdant hue.

While choosing house painting colours, this is a good pick as it is a reflection of nature’s abundance and also exudes freshness!

INDIAN OCEAN (5A0417) for a splash of blue

Blue creates an invigorating wake-me-up vibe in the living space. Grace your walls with a friendly shade like the one you see in the above image. A colour so refreshing that you will look forward to all the merrymaking that we associate Holi with!

CARMINE RED (1A0448) to add a dash of red

Red is the ultimate colour of love and a stunning colour if you wish to make a powerful impact. A punchy shade as seen in the above photograph can be quite the conversation starter during your Holi get-togethers.

ORANGE CHARM (3D0236) for a zesty orangey flair

Level up your Holi celebrations with this citrusy shade of orange. It is playful and exciting, just the way it is meant to be! It gives off a fun disposition that is perfect for the festivities.

If you are seriously considering a home revamp, make sure that walls are a visual delight, just like the festival of Holi itself. Check whether the walls are in proper condition and have no visible cracks and dampness. If your walls need treatment, you can choose Berger Home Shield that offers diverse range of waterproofing and damp-proofing solutions backed by scientific solutions.

Hope you are thrilled with this colour inspiration that we have carefully-curated for you and are reaching out for your smartphone to get in touch with our home painting experts for a quick wall upgrade right in time for Holi.

May the happy hues and vibes of Holi stay with you all year along!


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