Exciting Living Room Décor Ideas! For June 2022

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A living room needs to be appealing and inviting as it is the place where family and friends gather the most in a home.

When taking on a living room decoration project in your home, it is best to set an inspiration date for yourself. Visit a café or a bookstore. Go window shopping. Explore a museum or an art gallery. Inspiration can come from anywhere. The key is that it should evoke a strong emotional response from you. Once you are influenced by what you see, you can implement those while thinking of living room ideas.

To make things a tad bit easier for you, our in-house experts have put together some décor tips that you can easily incorporate while styling your living space.

Interior look

Let your walls do the talking – It is important to consider the vital surfaces of the living room. Panelled walls never fail to make a great impression. It can set the tone for how you want your living space to feel. From matte to glossy finishes, you can choose whatever look you prefer the most. Berger Colour Catalogue has many different shades available for you to choose from. You can get our Berger Express Painting team to help you get your walls painted in exciting hues.


Cosy up the space with accent rugs – When it comes to living room decor ideas, accent rugs are one of the top ideas on the list.

Accent rugs are a great way to easily enhance the look of a room. They are small enough to place in just about any space and can be mixed and matched with the other décor elements in the room. A strong rug can be transformational, adding texture and warmth to a living room.

Interior Living Room

Light matters – There is nothing more appealing than a living room bathed in natural light that changes as the day progresses. Install light fixtures on the ceiling and a striking floor lamp to illuminate the space.

Study Look

Functional storage - Regardless of the size of your living space, it is wise to try to make the most of ceiling height and avoid using too much floor space. You can embrace ladder-style shelving to store and display, right from books to houseplants and your prized possessions. A versatile storage solution, this ladder-style offers wonderful shelf space with a minimal footprint.

Hope this article proves useful to you in your home improvement project.

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