Unveiling The Personality of Your Home Through Colour

white and brown living room decor and walls

Now, let's reveal your home's personality based on your responses:
Remember, this quiz is just for fun and based on general colour associations. Your personal preferences and style should ultimately guide your home's design choices.

What mood do you aim to create in your home?
  • A) Serene and peaceful
  • B) Energetic and vibrant
  • C) Cosy and inviting
Which colour palette appeals to you the most?
  • A) Soft pastels and neutrals
  • B) Bold and vivid hues
  • C) Warm earth tones and rich shades
How do you envision the atmosphere in your home?
  • A) Modern and minimalist
  • B) Playful and eclectic
  • C) Timeless and traditional
What role does nature play in your ideal home design?
  • A) Nature-inspired accents and textures
  • B) Indoor plants and natural elements
  • C) Embracing natural light and open spaces
Which colour family do you gravitate towards?
  • A) Cool blues and greens
  • B) Fiery reds and oranges
  • C) Earthy browns and yellows
What best describes your personal style?
  • A) Calm and understated
  • B) Bold and adventurous
  • C) Classic and elegant
How do you want guests to feel when they enter your home?
  • A) Relaxed and at ease
  • B) Energised and inspired
  • C) Welcomed and comfortable
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