The Golden Glee! For July 2015

People generally consider gold as an opulent colour and refrain from using it, unless they want to go OTT. Although some people love it, they simply can't imagine using it in everyday designs. It's been always associated with high glamour and stereotyped with high luxury. But metallics, especially the hue gold, when reimagined can look chic and stylish in any form of design. The recent advances in the way the hue has transformed will make you fall in love with gold all over again.

In design circles, "gold is the new black" and we think so too. The new types and kinds of gold are much more aesthetically alluring than ever. The modern gold is approachable, friendly, playful and provides for a new direction. It's time to embrace the colour and imbibe it into our lives.

Gold, the sound of it, instantly weaves a picture of yellow glitter in front of your eyes but in reality, gold has a wider spectrum than one expects. Different combinations of silver, gold and copper yield a gorgeous array of tones ready to be explored. Let's relook at the cooler and hipper versions of the colour.

Rose Gold: The cool-toned, appealing gold is here, the kind you will adore. It's a massive trend. This pinkish blush shade is a great shift from the traditional hue. The metallic shade has become popular accent in home design.

Black and Gold: This look spells high-fashion glamour and is dramatic. The combination looks fascinating to the eyes.

Colour and Gold: Metallics can be considered as neutrals and go great with a whole range of different hues. Gold with neon was popular in the 1980's and has now made a huge comeback. It looks smashing with blue, jewel tones, pastels and most colours.

So, bring home some gold this season and shine through!

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