Fashion Fiesta For July 2014

The relationship between fashion and colour is perhaps as long and complicated as any relationship and even more. Colours in clothing have always symbolized specific values, depending on the time and culture they were worn in, and even today, they are still one of the primary communicative aspects of clothing. Throughout generations and cultures, people have used colours to express feelings and emotions by showing their preferences through personal expressions in clothes, shoes, bags and other fashion preferences.

Fashion, as popularly perceived by the layman, is not only about having the most expensive and trendy clothes, but rather an ability to mix and match, thus crafting new creations. However, this doesn't come easy and is usually a dilemma faced by anyone who is interested in playing the wonderful game of fashion. Most are often at a loss about what colours go together, but matching colours need not be such a dreaded exercise and can be used to spice up your wardrobe instantly! Although matching colours is a matter of personal choice and your choice reflects your personality, research has shown that colour is a very powerful communicator, which can affect the behaviour, perception and responses of both the wearer and the observer.

It is perhaps because of this that black, a popular non-colour, is the most often worn colour to suppress and protect emotions. Any colour worn with it is a paradox, since it represents unrealized potential, and the promise of power that black evokes lies within the consciousness of the wearer. Black when combined with another colour augurs control over its influence. White, on the other hand, highlights a colour and worn alone symbolizes a clean palate, completion, purity, cleansing, and strength. While grey, being the combination of black and white, symbolizes the diversity of the two, creating a state of caution.

So, the good news for all monotone lovers is that the trends this season are veering towards the cutting edge combination of white and black, which is ruling the roost, while icy pastels and hints of pink are being seen all over the spring/summer 2014 runways, ensuring that colour enthusiasts are not disappointed. From oversized blazers and sexy pencil skirts to tailored blouses and chic cropped jackets, pastel clothes will be fashionable, sleek and elegant springtime wear that can be worn to office, to brunch or just for a relaxing day out with friends. Eventually, at the end, it's all about your confidence and comfort level which will help you in colouring the world in your hues with aplomb.

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