Feng Shui For January 2021

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Feng Shui For House

According to Feng Shui, each colour influences energy differently. Level up your life using these colour energy hacks in the form of house paint colors.


For the living room, our experts recommend yellow, which is a shade that inspires communication and brings stability. You can use this shade for the dining room as it evokes the abundance of harvest. It is a wonderful shade to infuse a cheerful atmosphere in a room full of people.


You can paint the bedroom a relaxing shade of blue and be assured of peace and bliss. It is also a suitable colour for the home office.



You can spruce up the living room with fiery pops of red and wow your guests. An extremely stimulating shade, it can be used in the dining space as well. Make sure to use this colour with utmost care and discretion to bring balance and harmony.


This is a beautiful shade that holds a special place in Feng Shui. One of the brilliant colours in the spectrum, it is a great shade to be used in the bedroom as it activates the Feng Shui energy of calm and nourishment.


The colour of wealth and abundance, this is a rich colour ideal for the living room. If you wish your creativity to soar, you can use gorgeous tones of purple in the home office.


A radiant hue, Orange is perfect to infuse life to the dullest of the rooms in the house. You can use this wonderful shade for the balcony to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

There you have it! This was a Feng Shui colour guide to help you create a happy and healthy home in the new year. Do not be hesitant to bring colours into your house and your life.

Use the wisdom of Feng Shui and see the difference it has in all aspects of your lives!


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Vaastu experts have very specific suggestions for the colours that you should use in your home exteriors. Here’s what is recommended.

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Reiki For January 2021

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Reiki room design ideas

Reiki For Your Home!

The need to create a quiet place to unwind is becoming more desirable and necessary as our lives become busier and technology invades almost every aspect of our lives. With the power of Reiki and the right Reiki room design ideas, you can create a sacred and soothing space within your house.

To start with, carve out a corner or entire room for your Reiki session. If you have a balcony, you could also set up a spot there to escape the noise and tune into nature to quieten your body and mind.

It is important to keep in mind to create a comfortable Reiki space, which is why you need to establish it with a meditation blanket. Allow the four corners of the blanket to serve as the boundaries of the space.

Begin with a daily or nightly routine to welcome in positive energy. It can be something as simple as lighting up a scented candle or an incense stick.

In Reiki, crystals are known to hold certain vibrations. The easiest way to activate any crystal is to sage it first. After that, you need to sit in meditation and invoke the feeling you want the crystal to carry. Hold onto the crystal and it will retain the vibration.

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Incense is believed to naturally uplift the spirits and raise positive vibrations. The burning of incense is usually accompanied by invocation and prayers. Pick a scent specifically for your meditation goal. If you are looking to relieve stress, choose rose and fragrant lavender. To attract positivity into your life, pick patchouli.

Plants are not only visually appealing but also help our environment as they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Placing a plant in your Reiki room can add a touch of natural energy into the space. Many people find plants to be quite relaxing or soothing to look at, so it is a good idea to incorporate it in the Reiki room.

Use these tips to create a wonderful space for Reiki sessions in your house.


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Feng Shui

Vaastu experts have very specific suggestions for the colours that you should use in your home exteriors. Here’s what is recommended.

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Vaastu For January 2021

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Vaastu colors for house exterior

Vaastu Colours for Exterior Walls

The ancient Indian science of Vaastu Shastra lays down specific mandates when it comes to the architectural design of a dwelling. It is believed that Vaastu colour therapy attracts healing power and corrects imperfections in your home. Check out Vaastu colors for house exterior:

Green, the Colour of New Beginnings

Green stands for freshness of spring and hope. Painting your home green will align it with the energy of nature. Embrace this glorious shade to bring in an abundance of freshness to your abode.

Yellow, the Colour of Positivity

Yellow, the colour of the sun, is a happy colour that radiates good energy. Paint your exterior walls yellow, and your home will be full of warmth and togetherness.

Pink, the Colour of Love

Pink, the colour of love invites a bundle of joy and romance into lives. There is no reason to shy from this shade!

Blue, the Colour of Tranquillity

Blue is the colour of oceans and skies. It represents the eternal nature of life itself, symbolising hope. Splash this on your home exteriors and watch the magic unfold!

Orange, the Colour of Happiness

Orange is a punchy shade that is believed to be auspicious. It radiates warmth and is a powerful, mood-altering shade. You can opt for this zesty, citrusy hue to invite happiness into your home.

Peach, the Colour of Contentment

Peach is a pretty shade that is considered to attract good energy into the house. It symbolises family love and prosperity. You need not think twice before going forward with this colour.

Purple, the Colour of Royalty

Purple is a royal colour that has been chosen by kings in the past, and it signifies power and respect. No wonder then that it is considered an auspicious and lucky colour for home exteriors.

Brown, the Colour of Stability

Brown, the colour of the earth, indicates grounding and depth. It is a shade that is considered extremely durable and dependable.

In conclusion, when you pick one of these colours for the exteriors of your house, you can make it a happy place for yourself.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and safe year filled with colourful moments with your loved ones!


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Thinking how to set up a Reiki room in your house? Here are some decor essentials.

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Vaastu experts have very specific suggestions for the colours that you should use in your home exteriors. Here’s what is recommended.

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