How To Create Wall Painting Designs Yourself For January 2021

Grey white living room design

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To ace this project, all you have to do is decide which room or wall you want to choose as your canvas. We recommend you choose your favourite wall for this wall painting DIY project.

Once you finalise on the wall or walls, don’t forget to prep it before you start painting or sprucing it up. Get rid of all the dust, dirt and grease spots.

Make sure to use painter’s tape on the windows, trims and doorframes if you are going to paint the entire wall. Prime the walls after you are done with taping. If you will not be changing the wall colour before making any designs on it, you need not use painter’s tape or even cover the furniture or flooring. However, if you are, then do protect your valuable furnishings, floor and furniture with proper covers.

For wall paint designs, you will be spoilt for choice with Berger’s iPaint range. There are some interesting and unique glow in dark wall stencils for you to choose from.

Once you have decided on your stencil, affix it on the spot with the help of a masking tape and apply the paint over it with a foam roller.

The good news is that this requires no professional help whatsoever and you can deep-dive into this painting task all by yourself despite being an absolute amateur with no prior learning or experience.

We have even got you covered with an instruction booklet that comes with a step-by-step guide on how to successfully execute it, making it a hassle-free and an enjoyable experience for you.

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You can try the sponging technique if you fancy a blended and mottled effect. For this, you have to first apply a base coat with your favourite colour and allow it to dry for about 6-8 hours. Next, take a piece of sponge, hold it from one end, dip it in the second colour, cover the wall with either circular or spiral patterns in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Cover the entire wall this way with these spiral patterns leaving no space in between. Let the paint dry for several hours and voila! You will get the effect as seen in the photo above. For trendy paint colours, you can browse Berger’s Colour Catalogue here:

There you go! We hope this article has inspired you to get started on your DIY project! We look forward to seeing your house wall painting DIY projects, so don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram handle - @bergerpaintsindia


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