Is 2016 Going To Be Your Year?

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How well are you prepared to face 2016? Take our fun quiz and find out if 2016 will be your year!

What's your financial plan for this year?
  • A) Plan? What? The year’s over?
  • B) Distinct personal plans & goals
  • C) I have a vague idea of what I want
Do you have a plant or a pet?
  • A) I barely keep myself alive
  • B) I do, but my family helps
  • C) Sure, my pet/plant is hale & hearty
What achievement are you most proud of?
  • A) I’m still alive, I guess
  • B) My career
  • C) My perfectly planned life
What does your career path look like?
  • A) I came to work on time today…
  • B) Working on it & know where I’m going
  • C) I just got promoted or will very soon
Have you always known what you wanted in life?
  • A) I’m still finding my way
  • B) Sometimes, but I’m on the right path
  • C) Yes, I do & have planned it all along
How organized is your room?
  • A) I couldn’t find my pants the other day
  • B) It’s okay, I’ll clean it tonight
  • C) Spick & span, not a dot out of place
Do you feel good about the year that passed?
  • A) This year will be better, I hope
  • B) It was okay, could have been better
  • C) I worked hard & am proud of my feats
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