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Fall Winter For January 2015

Winter, amongst other things, is also the onset of a dull and boring season for fashion, mostly characterized by dull grey and black. But the latest colour trend forecast for fall winter 2014-15 is a different story altogether! This season promises a burst of colours which are muted, yet beautiful when played up in combination with each other. It is time to let go of the morose ideas that you associate with winter and go trendy with various colour palettes this winter.

The colours in vogue this winter are subtle and elegant winter shades brought to life with splatters of bold and cheerful hues. The most 'in demand' colour this season is going to be blush. It is a simple and non-fussy palette emphasizing on delicate tones. This palette mainly consists of shades like light peach, rich burgundy and shades of starlight gold. From jackets to dresses to make up, this colour has no match to its allure and simplistic beauty.

This winter is also about the magical beauty of silvery tones. The brilliant sparkle with its splendour and elegance can light up many a cold and dull evening. The silvery glow is your best bet for attending the many parties that the winter season throws your way. Another way to opt for some bling this winter is to opt for crystal studded items which can dazzle your evenings. Crystals like topaz, black diamond, turquoise and crystal lagoon can give you the desired effect.

Traditional colour schemes brightened by modern elements are also going to rule this winter. The most impressive colour combination this season will be the two shades of dark and light blue. This season also has drawn influences from brilliant synthetic tones in matte and neon accents, which takes the look of this season several notches higher.

Metallics can also be your next best friend because their unique lustre totally complements the raw beauty of the winter season. Shades like heather, kelp green and rose pink will also leave their influence on the fall winter look this season, making your look this winter one of the most colourful ones, ever!

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