What’s your colour for Valentine’s Day?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Feeling love-struck or out of love? Find out your lucky colour, as suggested by cupid.

Who are you spending Valentine’s Day with this year?
  • A) Your significant other
  • B) Your friends
  • C) Yourself
Who are you most likely to go to for romantic advice?
  • A) Your mother
  • B) Your best friend
  • C) The internet
Do you believe that everyone has a soulmate?
  • A) Yes
  • B) No
  • C) Can’t say
What is your favourite romantic comedy?
  • A) When Harry Met Sally
  • B) Roman Holiday
  • C) Sleepless in Seattle
According to you, what should Valentine’s Day be celebrated for?
  • A) Romantic love
  • B) Love between friends
  • C) All kinds of love
If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, what would you do?
  • A) Stay in and watch movies
  • B) Meet some friends and go out
  • C) Sleep it off
How do you feel when you are in love?
  • A) Strong and confident
  • B) Like you can do anything!
  • C) Nervous
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