This Bedroom Design Quiz Will Reveal What Colour Matches Your Personality

white and brown living room decor and walls

It is time to get cosy! Take this quiz to find out what colour matches your personality!

Choose some home decor
  • A) Fairy lights
  • B) Polaroids
  • C) Chandelier
Choose a plant
  • A) Fern
  • B) Fiddle tree
  • C) Monstera deliciosa
Choose a vibe
  • A) Dreamy
  • B) Creative
  • C) Lush
Choose a decorating style
  • A) Minimalist
  • B) Eclectic
  • C) Mid century
Choose a bedding
  • A) Plain white
  • B) Artsy
  • C) Colourful
Choose a rug
  • A) White faux fur
  • B) Pattern
  • C) Bohemian
Choose a lamp
  • A) Desk lamp
  • B) Bedside lamp
  • C) Crystal lamp
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