What's your balcony personality?

white and brown living room decor and walls

What's your balcony personality? Take this quiz to find out!

Which feature would you choose for your outdoor space?
  • A) A comfy chair
  • B) A garden
  • C) Dreamy lighting
Which accessory would fit in at your home?
  • A) A vase of fresh flowers
  • B) A plush throw
  • C) Large portraits
What is your dream vacation spot?
  • A) A serene beach
  • B) Backpacking through a big city
  • C) A national park or wildlife sanctuary
How do you like spending your weekends?
  • A) Reading a book
  • B) Partying
  • C) Catching up with friends
Your ideal home looks
  • A) Minimalist
  • B) Shabby chic
  • C) Contemporary
Pick a palette
  • A) Wood and red
  • B) Wood and green
  • C) Wood and yellow
Choose a light fixture
  • A) Tiffany lamps
  • B) Crystal chandelier
  • C) Iron sconces
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