Find the Best Colours for Your Décor!

white and brown living room decor and walls

Find out what are the best colours that complement your personality so you can reinvent your home’s decorating style accordingly.

What are your favourite shades?
  • A) Pink, maroon, cobalt, emerald
  • B) Blue, turquoise, green, purple
  • C) Cream, neutrals, grey, brown
What is your preferred landscape?
  • A) Glimmering ocean on the seashore
  • B) Dramatic landscape with stunning scenery
  • C) Fields of flowers or a cozy forest
Describe the house of your dreams:
  • A) Earthy with wood and natural elements
  • B) Minimalistic with colourful elements
  • C) Classic tones and neutral colours
You’re at a quaint little café, what would you order?
  • A) A café latte
  • B) A fancy frappe with the works
  • C) A capuccino
What is your dream house?
  • A) A mansion or villa
  • B) A chateau
  • C) A basic cozy cottage or apartment
Which of your pictures do you love to display the most?
  • A) Professional photographs
  • B) Fun spontaneous party and holiday pics
  • C) Family photographs
You believe your dream home should be:
  • A) Functional and stylish
  • B) Eye-catching and posh
  • C) Cosy and relaxing
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