Handy Décor Tips for the Rain Lover! For August 2022

Green Living Room

Umbrella stand

Black and white Umbrella

Going with the rainy season theme decoration, keep an elegant umbrella stand at the entrance of your home to prevent musty smell and wet tiles. When your guests arrive with their wet raingear, this stand will function as a utility piece as well as enhance the aesthetics of your living room.

Vibrant furnishings

When the skies are grey with flashes of lightning and sound of thunder, chances are that indoors also tend to look gloomy. To beat this gloominess, you can easily brighten up your living space by bringing in shades of lemon yellows, light blues, fresh pinks and vibrant oranges when it comes to home furnishings.

Floor lamps

Add yellow lighting through floor lamps to illuminate the living space. Warm lights in the room will make the place comfortable and help you enjoy the weather.

Scented candles

A smart way to combat the odour that comes along with monsoons is to light a few perfumed candles around the home. Choose aesthetically-pleasing varieties that come in various soothing fragrances. These candles are bound to add a touch of warmth to your home.

Indoor plants

Bring the great outdoors inside with some indoor plants. Since plants in the balconies often take a beating during the monsoons, this is a good time to cluster them indoors around windows that receive the maximum sunlight. This will also help cheer up your living space.

Sheer curtains

White Room Corner

When it comes to monsoon theme decoration, you can switch to a fabric that is lighter in shade as well as in material, allowing ample sunlight to enter your home along with letting the moisture dry quickly. Sheer curtains are a beautiful addition to the home during the monsoons. Light airy curtains allow for the breeze to cool your home and add aesthetic appeal.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes are a great way to introduce some melody into your living space. Hang a wind chime near your window or balcony for the pleasant sound of cool monsoon breeze. As the breeze enters your home, the wind chimes will produce a melodious tune that is sure to be pleasing to the ears.

These were some décor tips put together for you especially for the season. Hope you find this article handy.


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