Colours and Personality Quiz

white and brown living room decor and walls

What colour do you radiate when you’re happy?

What is your favourite colour?
  • A) Purple
  • B) Yellow
  • C) Red
What quality are you most proud of?
  • A) Passionate
  • B) Cheerfulness
  • C) Confident
What is your favourite season?
  • A) Rainy
  • B) Summer
  • C) Autumn
What colour makes you sad?
  • A) Red
  • B) Black
  • C) Blue
Choose an aesthetic
  • A) Minimalist
  • B) Indie
  • C) Vintage
Pick an activity
  • A) Reading
  • B) Gardening
  • C) Netflixing
And lastly, pick a spot
  • A) The mountains
  • B) The beach
  • C) The countryside
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