Best Paint Colours for Dark Rooms For August 2020

Living spaces with poor illumination are not hopeless design cases as you would believe. If you are tasked with making dark, dreary rooms in your house look cheerful and upbeat, fret not. It is easy to brighten things up with a few tricks, even if there is very little natural light.


Wall Paint Ideas

If you are not the adventurous type, you can play it safe with this gorgeous shade for your living room walls. The warm tone of lavender makes it ideal for small spaces. Plus, this colour has so many shades and bases that it can elevate the space instantly by bouncing off the natural light, creating an illusion of space.


Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas

When you have a small bedroom or bathroom with a single window or small windows, a bright yellow can recreate the natural light for you and brighten up the space. It is the perfect pick for any dark room to give it dimension and personality. In fact, yellow and white together make a good colour combination. You can go with yellow walls with white trim for an inviting look in an otherwise dark space.

Bright Orange

Kitchen wall paint

When we say bright orange, we don’t mean neon orange. A nice tone of apricot or a pumpkin spice can add the much-needed light in the room, especially small dining rooms and kitchens. You can even opt for a shade of orange to brighten up a small bathroom or laundry area.

Go beyond the walls. Don’t forget to work the ceilings while you are painting your four walls. In large low-lit areas, it is wise to put focus on the ceilings. You can try a lovely light shade of blue for the ceilings.

Also, remember to sample and test a few colours before you make a final decision, and to look at the paint sample in all types of light and at various times of the day so that you can see all the variations that it will create. You can create the perfect look if you keep these things in mind while going ahead with the painting.

Hope you find some inspiration and ideas for your home through this article. All the best!

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