Fabulous Colour Combinations For A Living Room! For April 2021

A living room is the heart of our home which is decorated with tables, chairs, sofas, a television set, pictures, wall art and much more. It is also referred to as the ‘lounge room’ of the house. Colours are integral in any room of our house; it brings in freshness which lightens the mood of the room.

In the living room, colour combinations play an important role and add up to the aesthetic of the room. They determine the overall mood, theme and style of our home.

Listed below are a few beautiful and eye-catching colour combinations which will add to your home its true charm:

Canary Yellow and Indigo

Canary yellow which is derived from the colour of a canary bird is a fun and beautiful colour. It brightens up even the dullest of rooms with its radiance and energy.

When coupled with the colour indigo which is gentle, soft and soothing, it gives the overall living room an elegant look.

Teal and White

The colour teal is known for its freshness and uniqueness. It is considered to be an aesthetic theme in the modern world. When merged with the soft and calm white colour, it brings to a living room a mid-century inspired touch along with a beautiful look.

Crimson and Sage

Crimson is an earthy colour that is organic, natural and soothing. A hue like sage complements the crimson shade wonderfully. This is a lovely colour combination to play with.

Mustard and Salmon

The colour mustard is known for its warmth. When mixed with salmon which is a range of pinkish-orange to light pink colours, it adds to the living room an exquisite and new look. An interesting two colour combination for living room.

Blush and Sky Blue

Blush is a soothing colour with a soft look. When it is mixed with sky blue, it gives an outstanding look and mesmerising colour contrast. While it is simple and understated, it is decorative in its own way. This colour combination gives the living room a serene look.

These wonderful wall colour combinations can help create the perfect family spot to capture various memories and have endless conversations.


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