What colour should you paint your accent wall?

white and brown living room decor and walls

Looking for colour inspiration for your accent walls? Find out which colours reflect your personality by taking our quick quiz:

Pick your favourite colour palette
  • A) Neutral
  • B) Dark
  • C) Bright
How creative are you?
  • A) Little
  • B) Kind of
  • C) Very
Your favourite room in the house is?
  • A) Living room
  • B) Bedroom
  • C) Balcony
How would you spend your ideal weekend?
  • A) Chill and relax
  • B) Meet friends
  • C) Get creative
What would you hang on your walls?
  • A) A classic artwork
  • B) Photographs
  • C) A famous painting
Pick a game
  • A) Poker
  • B) Chess
  • C) Pictionary
Which bedroom is your style?
  • A) Minimalistic
  • B) Rustic
  • C) Artistic
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