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Home improvement can be a challenging task for a lot of people. We asked people to share their home problems so that we could give them easy-to-follow solutions. Read on to know all about it so that it can give you insights and proper steps that you need to take if you are facing similar issues.

I just painted my walls last year. During the heavy monsoons, my walls started peeling. Since monsoon is almost here, I am worried about my walls. What do I do?

– Anisha Shah, Mumbai

Solution: It is important to thoroughly check your walls before waterproofing. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking a new paint job will fix leakage and dampness issues, but a few months down the line when it shows up again, they are surprised. The only way to fix it is to get it waterproofed and painted again. How about reaching out to Berger Home Shield Waterproofing experts? The team will make sure your home is free of any wall leakage, seepage issues and tackle wall peeling using the handy Moisture Meter which can detect underlying problems. This will also save your expenses on unnecessary future repairs.

All of this now comes with added safety. At Berger Paints India, safety and hygiene are of paramount importance. We look forward to providing the most accommodating and safe experience possible for a healthy and beautiful home! Opt for Berger Home Shield waterproofing solutions on the Express Painting App today.

When I decided to paint my room walls, yellow seemed like a good colour, but now, the colour just looks off with the whole house colour scheme which is pastels and neutrals. I am in a fix. Help me!

–  Sheetal Verma, New Delhi

Solution: This is the most common concern amongst a lot of homeowners. People often gravitate towards their favourite shades when they are doing their homes without considering if it creates a cohesive flow throughout.

While there is nothing wrong with using colours of your choice, you need to be a little careful while choosing colour schemes that are bold. It is wise to understand the colour wheel to figure out which colours complement each other and those that work against each other.

Since the colour you chose won’t miraculously change, unless you want to live with it, you will need to get in touch with a reliable and professional painting service like Berger Express Painting. The team will provide colour consultancy, helping you pick the right shade to complement the pastels and neutrals in your house.

For those who are already regretting their colour choice just like Ms. Sheetal, there is no need to worry. Berger’s Express Painting team will salvage the tricky situation. We assure you of a seamless and safe home wall painting experience. We have prepared many safety measures for a healthy and safe environment during the painting process. It is faster, cleaner and safer like never before!

And for the next time, you can avoid colour choice blunders by using Berger’s Virtual Painter. It helps you by taking the guesswork out!  You can visualise how a particular colour will look on your favourite wall without even touching a paint brush to it. This way you can figure out how a colour will look like and know whether it will tie the look of your entire home nicely together or stick out like a sore thumb.

I am bored of my home walls. They are in a good condition but I feel like they lack character. Help me bring them back to life!

– Sushmita Roy, Kolkata

Solution: Your walls are your blank canvas and you can paint your imagination on them. You can try bold colours or pastels on the walls. However, if you wish to try something different from the usual solid colours, you can try textures.  With Berger’s Silk Illusions, the possibilities are endless. You can make a stunning statement with the right choice of textures on the walls. There are unique textures like Artistic, Sprinkle, Radiant Glow and much more for you to choose from. Every room in your home can have a textured wall by Berger Paints India for a rich look and to get your neighbours talking! Get in touch with our experts who will guide you and help you pick the right wall textures for your home!

I want to renovate my house, but i am not sure if I am ready to make the investment yet.

 – Malvika Yadav, Uttar Pradesh

Solution: Renovating a home can give you fabulous lifestyle advantages, and if done right, it can add significantly to the value of your home. When it comes to renovation, research well and ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve – a slight upgrade or an extensive remodelling. You can take some inspiration from Pinterest and leading decor magazines for interesting decor and refurbishing ideas. Your walls should not be overlooked since a poor colour choice can dull the look of the entire house despite having the best decor pieces and furniture. You can derive inspiration from Berger’s Get Inspired section for colour choices. For a flawless painting, choosing the right professional painting service is everything. If you spend a bit of time getting that right, the whole experience can be stress-free and rewarding.

Berger Express Painting has upgraded and you can now experience top-quality painting with safety guaranteed. The team will help you pick the perfect colour palette for your house.  Painters are trained and certified on safety, health and hygiene. They use Health and Safety Kit comprising of mask, gloves, cap and sanitisers. On-site delivery of sanitised products is also done.

My house is always a mess, no matter what I do. Is there a permanent solution for this?

 – Abhilash Nair

Solution: If your home is like a Bermuda Triangle where things often get lost or misplaced, worry not! Instead of being a den of disorder, your house can get organised with some smart approaches. If you have messy cabinets and drawers, you can invest in mess-clearing solution like organisers. You can do colour-coding for important folders so that you can find it exactly when you need it. If you are short on space in the kitchen, you can hang utensils on unused walls. Same rule applies to the bathroom as well. You can hang toiletries on hooks for ease of access. Utilise dead space over cupboards and below beds for storage of blankets, bed sheets and pillows. There are hacks for every corner of your home, so no more feeling overwhelmed by clutter.

You can simplify your life right away with some clever organisation hacks and helpful DIY ideas:

Hopefully this will help you transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary.

I have a lot of woodwork and glass panels in my house. I am looking for sustainable choices to revamp my existing decor pieces. Any tips?

 – Anjali Sitlani

Solution: From upcycling to even picking wall paint carefully, people are making eco-friendly lifestyle choices and it is a step in the right direction. Upcycling and repurposing old furniture conserves the environment by using what we already have. It is a good idea to upgrade the existing pieces with just some smart thinking.

You can give your home a gleaming makeover by enhancing the existing wood and glass surfaces in your home. For the wooden surfaces in your house, you can opt for Berger’s Imperia Luxury Polyurethane that comes in Clear as well as Pigmented variety. You don’t have to discard your old wooden furniture and treasured antique wooden pieces anymore! Proper application of this coating will breathe new life to your furniture and impart a mirror-like gloss.

For glass surfaces, you can choose from an exquisite and attractive range of decorative solutions Berger’s Imperia Gold Glass Coatings that comes in the see-through Clear variety as well as in the rich and vibrant Opaque variety. You can flaunt decorative glass-coated ceiling panels or display colourful glass panels as room dividers. Explore different effects available such as marble, splatter, frosted and stencil to make a stylish statement with glass.

Hope you find these queries and solutions useful in upgrading your home. All the best!

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