Modern Diy Desk Made Wooden Boxes

Keeping things organised is always challenging, whether you live in a bungalow or one-bedroom apartment. It is a universal truth that an organised space can boost productivity and also induce feelings of happiness. An organised home helps reduce stress-levels since you know where exactly to look and don’t end up searching high and low for keys, remote or that hand cream you received last Christmas that you swore you still had.

Being organised has many more benefits. It can help you save on some serious cash. We often lose things because we don’t remember where we last left them and end up buying them again. Be it mobile chargers, pens, creams etc. If you have a designated place for everything and make sure they stay there, you wouldn’t have to hoard on multiple items.

Luckily, getting things in order doesn’t have to be complicated or tiresome. With a few tricks and DIY’s, you can be more organised. In this blog, we feature easy-to-do DIY hacks and home décor ideas to help you straighten up your space in no time.

1. A pegboard-shelving unit

Indoor Potted Plants Home Wall

Pegboards are great if you want to get organised. They can be used on its own or with attachments. You can customise it with shelves, hooks and use it in the kitchen, bedroom, study room or home office. For a DIY pegboard, you need ¾” thick plywood of desired size, dowel, stationary, boards for shelves and a drill. Use a pencil to mark holes on the pegboard ensuring that the horizontal and vertical lines are straight. Now start drilling the holes you marked. The holes need to be deep enough for the dowels to fit. Place the dowels and hang the shelves and/or hooks to store items. Finally, attach the pegboard using small head cabinet screws.

2. DIY wooden pallet storage

Interior dining Table Shelves

Wooden palettes by themselves are not attractive, but with a little bit of creativity, you can convert them into beautiful pieces of storage furniture. You can use wooden paints and finishes from Berger Paints India to transform dull looking wooden palettes and incorporate them into your home décor. From many colour options to choose from be it neutrals or metallic- with a little bit of effort, you can create smart storage systems for your home- be it to store vegetables or fruits, plants, daily essentials or even books and utensils.

3. Entryway ladder organiser

New stylish Interior furniture

For most Indian homes, the entryway is likely to be a mess. DIY wooden crates can be used as multi-function furniture- storage for shoes and a bench. This hack will help you keep shoes out of sight, and also serve as a seat for guests and family members to remove and/or put on shoes. Additionally, you can use an old ladder and hang it on top of the bench. This can hold coats, umbrella, handbag etc. Or you can install hooks to hang keys, sunglasses, hats etc.

4. Mobile charging station

Wireless charging pad

Charging cords for mobile, tablet and camera often end up tangled in a corner because we don’t have a dedicated space for them. By creating a charging station you can keep the battery life high and cord tangles low. You can drill a hole behind a bedside table drawer and install an extension board inside a drawer. Alternatively, you can use a decorative box, install an extension board inside and cut out a hole in the box for the charging cord.

5. Keep your bathroom organised

Jars Cotton Pads

Bathrooms can tend to get cluttered easily so it is important to keep things organised in this tiny space. Keep the countertop and basin area as clear as possible and install shelves to store away essentials. In the bathroom, opt for a mirror cabinet so that there is enough space for arranging toothbrushes, toothpaste, medicines and cosmetics. Hang baskets to store towels and shower accessories. If you keep your cosmetics in the bathroom, store them using nifty cups or boxes. You can also use a tiered cake stand to store your makeup. For a quick DIY hack, cover a metal board with fabric and install magnets to the back of the makeup container. Use this to organise blush, compact foundation and eye shadow.

6. Install hooks to hang pots and pans

wall rack hanging pots pans for kitchen

Instead of taking up valuable cabinet space, you can install hooks to store chunky pots and pans. This quick DIY will not only help you create some space but can also add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. To maintain some order, hang the biggest and heaviest pots and pans first, followed by medium-sized and finish with the smallest items. You can also use this hack to hang ladles and mugs.

7. Make your bookshelf multipurpose


For interior décor ideas, open shelving requires the right amount of functionality and styling. Quirky wicker and wire baskets and boxes allow you to store a lot more items on your bookshelf. Start by placing the necessary items, like books and baskets on the shelves first. Store everyday items in the basket and try to keep it organised by storing it in terms of functionality: separate boxes for toys, cosmetics, wires and gadgets etc. To finish, add a few stylish décor pieces and accessories.

8. Kitchen chalkboard

Modern Apartment Room

With this DIY, you can create a focal point in the kitchen that will not cost you a lot of money and effort. A chalkboard wall in your kitchen will help you create grocery lists and messages for staying organised. If you want to create a chalkboard wall in your kitchen, begin by choosing a wall. Next, outline the area you want to paint using a painter’s tape. Apply two layers of chalkboard paint and leave it to dry. Once the wall has completely dried up, remove the tape.

9. Repurpose a tree branch as a hanger

womens pink silk pajamas hanging

If you have always loved the idea of displaying the prettiest pieces from your wardrobe around your bedroom, these DIY tree branches are the perfect way to do it. All you need is a piece of drift or reclaimed wood branch and coat hooks. Clear the branch of any dirt or sharp edges. You could also use metallic paint if you want to give it a special look. Screw the hooks into the wood and mount the hanger on the wall.

10. Take advantage of wall space

Wall Décor with white chair

If you have limited floor space, make use of the walls. Take inspiration from this wall shelf that uses a simple system to store everything from books to toys to artefacts. You can DIY wall shelves using leftover wood from a previous project and paint it using quality wooden paints and finishes by Berger Paints India.

We hope these tips have inspired you to take up a new DIY project to make your space more organised. If you try any of these tips and tricks yourself, don’t forget to tag us.

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