Five of our loyal readers created an amazing home office for themselves amidst the pandemic with some productivity-boosting wall colours. We hope it gives you some inspiration.

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping much of the nation’s workforce in their own homes, our readers were in a desperate need of a colour dose, what with working from home, post-lunch slugging, looking after kids and family and multi-tasking. It was essential to create a place that helped focus, not overwhelm.

We asked our readers to take us inside their home offices and share with us what drove their decision-making when choosing wall colours for their home office. Read on to know all about it.

Mrs. Mira Nair, Financial Analyst

The life of a financial analyst is tough. They deal with so many uncertainties with the market ups and downs. Hence, our team felt a grounding colour would be ideal for Mrs. Nair’s home office.

Blue is the first colour that comes to mind when someone is looking for something to soothe the nerves. You really can’t go wrong with it!

From Berger’s Colour Catalogue, we recommended WATERCOLOR BLUE (5P1106). This is a shade that is sure to help one face each day with renewed energy.

Mrs. Nair says, “Blue is the ultimate colour! It is not just a universal favourite for being soft and airy but also my personal favourite, right from interior house painting shade to my clothes. It reminds me of the ocean and makes me realise that no matter what the hardship, who knows what the tide will bring. It uplifts my soul and keeps me positive even in tough times.”

Mr. Ramesh Patel, IT Analyst

IT profession could mean long hours working on the laptop or the computer. It is only natural that the eye seeks a serene view to work in, like the one in the above picture. Brown walls radiate a sense of calm like no other and help one stay focussed. It is the ideal hue if you are looking for soft colours without an intrusion of bright shades.

From Berger’s Colour Catalogue, we recommended SAND DOLLAR BEACH (7P1586). It is bound to create a cosy feeling.

Mr. Ramesh says, “I love to keep things simple. While interior painting, I wanted a wall paint for my home office that was not overwhelming or distracting. The colour brown on the walls is just perfect, bringing comfort to me and keeping me focussed while working.

Miss. Meghna Patil, Mental Health Professional and Yoga Instructor

Yellow is widely recognised as the happiest colour in the world and is also backed by science. Several studies have linked the psychological powers of yellow to the sun. One is bound to feel peppy and energetic in a room surrounded by this colour.

Meghna knew this is exactly what she wanted. She chose the colour yellow for her walls with due deliberation as she had observed over the last one year that one common emotion with her clients during her online yoga classes and counselling sessions was the feeling of dread and anxiety.

From Berger’s Colour Catalogue, we recommended TULIP FIELD (3D2078). This hue is perfect to put anyone in an upbeat mood.

Miss Meghna says, “Having years of experience in the field of mental health and as a yoga instructor, I was aware that having yellow background during yoga or therapy sessions helped uplift the mood of my clients, even if for a little while. I have seen considerable difference during interaction with my clients now after painting my walls yellow. My clients sound happier and at ease during my sessions with them.”

Mr. Subrato Ghosh, Graphic Designer

Working in the world of advertising, Subrato needed a space that would help keep him composed even during stressful and tight deadlines. We knew that Green hue on the walls would do the trick as it is a fabulous shade!

From Berger’s Colour Catalogue, we recommended SPEARMINT DROP (4D2157). This is a rich, green shade to reduce stress and bring a sense of balance.

Mr. Subrato says, “I needed a home office with walls that exuded calmness. What better colour to do so than the colour green. I am happy with my choice as it is the ultimate colour to create a serene atmosphere. I am able to keep a cool head even while days are hectic and while I am juggling multiple tasks at hand.”

Mrs. Shreya Shrivastav, Writer

It is no secret that your environment has a deep effect on your moods and thoughts. For a writer’s corner, we know of the perfect colour that can stimulate creativity and help get more done. A shade of beige in your workspace at home may be the best colour if you are in need of a breakthrough and some clarity and need help putting your thoughts into words. This hue is versatile for any style of room and can adapt to different types of lighting as well.

From Berger’s Colour Catalogue, we recommended WOODWORK (8D2561). This is one of our top, beige contenders that can work wonders.

Mrs. Shreya says, “In a profession where I need to churn a lot of words, I cannot afford a writer’s block! With a life-affirming shade like beige on my walls, I feel focused and inspired to write! In my freshly-painted writing corner, words come naturally and effortlessly to me now more than ever and I couldn’t be happier with my colour choice.”

Final Thoughts

There you go! If you are inspired by these interior painting colours for your very own home office, get in touch with Berger Express Painting for a personalised painting experience.

Call our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 today. Depending on the nature of your work and the mood you wish to set in your home office, our experts will help with the best possible choices, helping you choose a wall colour that resonates the most with you.

2 Replies to “Our Readers Share Productivity-Boosting Interior Paint Colours for The Home Office”

  1. Priya Dharshini says: July 7, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    Wow! Amazing choice of colours for working people. I totally love the WATERCOLOR BLUE. It is a picture-perfect colour for any home office. Totally loving it!

    1. admin says: July 15, 2021 at 8:17 pm

      We are glad to know you like it as much as we do! Keep reading our blogs for more such colour and decor inspiration!

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