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One of the most well-known Indian holidays is Diwali. This celebration is one of those times when the entire family gets together, whether for Dhanteras, Laxmi Poojan, or Bhai Dooj – there are just too many things to look forward to when Diwali is just around the horizon. This event also includes exquisite sweet delicacies and magnificent fireworks.

Hosting a Diwali party at home is always a big deal. So, here is a helpful list of Diwali decoration ideas for living room—the social centre of any house—if you are hosting a Diwali get-together at home or assisting a friend or family with their home-party preparations.

Importance of Home Decoration for Diwali

A crucial component of the celebration of Diwali is cleaning the house for at least a month before the holiday. Following the decluttering, people start their holiday shopping, loading up on gifts for loved ones and god idols for the puja. The last stage of Diwali preparations is Diwali decoration ideas for living.

For the Diwali holiday, homes are decorated in honour of Lakshmi and Ganesha, the patron deities of prosperity and success. On this day, homes are also decorated to celebrate Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman’s return to Ayodhya following a 14-year exile. The Ayodhyavaasi, or residents of Ayodhya, decorated their dwellings as a mark of respect.

Trendy Diwali Decoration Ideas

Paint A Living Room

painting design photo

Candles and diyas can be used as Diwali decoration ideas for living room for the holiday. Use fragrant candles, Diyas, and string lights to maintain a festive atmosphere. Use Diyas to make patterns or hang the lights from the ceiling for straightforward and stunning Diwali decoration ideas inside the house. Keeping things simple has a beautiful yet stunning appeal as well. Try paints for living room to enhance appearance.

Try DIY Wall Paints

House painting is a component of Diwali decoration ideas for living room, so if you have the money then choose interior wall paints art with a theme that complements your design. Make sure the design or theme you choose will look great without adding decorations.

Be Creative With Stencils

Before the holiday season, you can add some visual interest to your home by choosing fashionable wall stencils if you want to try something new for Diwali decoration ideas. Using stencils from the Easy Clean line, you can change the look of your walls’ blank canvas. You are free to take risks and experiment. 

Instead of choosing just one stencil, you can select several. The use of wall stencils is not limited to a specific space, such as your living room. Every room in your house might have a distinct stencil, giving the Diwali decoration ideas for living room a new dimension.

Go With Wall Textures For Wall

blossoms wall texture

If you have time to use Diwali decoration ideas for living room, you might paint a Mandala pattern on one of the walls in your living room to serve as an accent wall. A life-size Mandala wallpaper is another option. The so-called “magic circles” are employed as decorative symbols at this time to signify a period of tremendous existence and a reunion of the body, mind, and soul.

Never Miss Ceiling Paints

Use more affordable matt finish paints for low-traffic areas like ceilings. Purchase several paint finishes or rooms. This is crucial advice if you want to stretch your budget.

Makeover Your Furniture

Your furniture needs to be upgraded as festivals approach. Even though they have endured and supported us ever since we initially decided to acquire furniture, now might be the ideal time to upgrade them. Your sofas and cushions need to be painted a new colour. Nothing works better for parties and festivals than the luxurious silk fabric. Silk pillows with elaborate gold embroidery add a touch of pure beauty to your room’s design. It gives your house texture in addition to adding colour for a lively and energetic vibe as Diwali decoration ideas.

Brighten Up With Lights

wall painting design

Use lace lanterns, floor lamps, string lights, and diyas to illuminate the entry to your living area for a festive aesthetic that is both straightforward and refined. Don’t overdo the lighting for a tidy and appealing appearance; doing so will make the arrangement appear disorganised. Additionally, you can brighten up your home’s decor with loosely placed flowers, rose petals, and marigold garlands.

Flower Decoration

Floating Candles with Flowers

Along with festivals, festivities, auspicious occasions, and more in the Indian heritage, flowers have played a significant role in traditional Diwali decoration ideas for living room. With the assistance of your family, you can explore the following flower decoration ideas at home to make the process enjoyable.

Top 7 Living Room Wall Paint Colours For Diwali

Ageless blue

Blues are timeless, adaptable, and beautiful to look at. This year, fill your home with vivid blues that range in intensity from the palest to the boldest hues on the colour wheel. These colours radiate the highest levels of cosiness and beauty despite their austerity. 

It feels like you are travelling in an aeroplane to a specific location. or taking a vacation at a coastal resort! These two blue-hued colour schemes for the living room immediately transport you and your visitors to another world.


In the home décor sectors, soft violets, flowering pinks, and delicate creams are making a comeback. These cheerful, airy wall colour selections for the living room offer a welcome change from the traditional whites and beige. They blend beautifully with a wide range of different colours and look excellent in any setting. 

A chromatic paint colour scheme, which looks beautiful in every room, is a fantastic option for those who prefer it. Bohemian-style homes, modern glam interiors, and contemporary living spaces frequently feature pinkish tones.


We all desire serenity and quiet to permeate our living areas, and green promotes these feelings. Green is a timeless accent wall colour scheme for the living room, regardless of the season. For people who like to seem more understated, this year’s and offer choices. 

We spend a lot of time indoors these days, so adding a few plants to the living room might make a difference. If you want to upgrade the paint in your living room, subtle colours of green are a great choice.


This year, fill your home with vivid teals that range in intensity from the palest to the boldest hues on the colour wheel. These colours radiate the highest levels of cosiness and beauty despite their austerity. It feels like you are travelling in an aeroplane to a specific location. or taking a vacation at a coastal resort! 

These teal-hued colour schemes for the living room immediately transport you and your visitors to another world.


When decorating your pooja room at home, yellow is a nice colour choice. To beautify the area, you could set up a colourful puja asan. According to vastu, the beneficial energy in your pooja room can be maximised by using a pyramid-shaped structure.


A vibrant crimson can increase the joy of the season. If you believe that using red on all four walls would be excessive, you may choose for a red accent wall instead, which will make it the focal point of the room and quickly change its appearance. Decorating this wall might make it the “Instagrammable” location for your guests to take lovely holiday photos.


The colour gold exudes elegance. This gold provides something genuinely special to every area of your home. It is open, welcoming, and has an inherent elegance and sense of serene happiness. This is why gold is regarded as one of the greatest materials to decorate your home this holiday season.

Try Paints for Living Room

Before you even start painting, you can play with with colours online using the Berger Paints colour visualizer tool. There are many examples of indoor and outdoor projects that you may try out, and you can choose and choose the colours for your room. 

An interactive application called a Color Visualizer lets you upload pictures of the inside of your home. You can browse through various colour combinations from the colour visualizer online with more than 1500 colours to select from. You can use it as a great and simple way to virtually test out different colour palette combinations for any area in your house.


You can find a lot of Diwali decoration ideas and accessories online during this holiday. Now that Diwali is quickly approaching, show off your interior design skills for the occasion.

This Diwali, it’s simple to get high-quality, artistic products online at reasonable prices, including wall paintings, metal wall art accents, wall mirrors, clocks, wallpapers, wall stickers, lamps, and many other items. Additionally, be sure to clean the house and use Diwali home decoration ideas to decorate it with diyas and string lights.


Which is the best two colour combination for living room?

Some of the best colour combinations for living rooms include purple and pink, teal with white, yellow with grey, yellow with blue, green with teal, and brown and white.

How to choose wall colour for diwali decoration?

You can opt for a painting catalogue and also go through the virtual painter to visualize and choose the best combination. Choose Express painting for professional finish with Berger wall paint colors.

Which is the best wall stencils for diwali living room decoration?

There are lots of varieties available online for the purpose.

What are the preparation needed for living room decoration?

You need to keep all things aside and cover them for safety. Take all necessary equipments for painting before starting.

The preparation includes steps such as 

  • Understanding your space
  • Figuring out the look and style you want to go for with the room decor
  • Choosing from the colour palette
  • Determining your budget
  • Adding in personalised touches 

What are the tips to consider while painting a ceiling of living room?

  • When painting your ceiling, use quality drop cloths.
  • Clean up the area.
  • When painting your ceiling, use a sturdy ladder.
  • Make Sure Your Paint Roller Has a Good Telescoping Handle.
  • Give Your Ceiling a Paint Day of Its Own.

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