Are you tired cleaning the walls to keep them spotless? Read on for a smart investment that can make your life easier.

Daily living tends to leave fingerprints, smudges, smears and stains in high-traffic areas of the house, especially if there are kids and/or pets in the household, thereby marring the beauty of walls.

Too much scrubbing to get rid of the stains may end up removing the wall paint. So, then what’s the solution for this? Scroll below to find out.

Cleaning greasy finger marks in the living room
Stain on Wall

Fingerprints tend to be oily with some dirt mixed in. Marks and stains tend to happen particularly in areas around switch plates and doorways- while wearing or taking off footwear, when we lean and touch the walls with our hands for support.

One of the cleaning methods is a mixture of ½ cup of white vinegar and warm water in a bucket. Once the mixture is ready, dip in a towel and rub the stains out until your walls are as good as new. Finally, use some plain water to rinse and dry them well with a clean towel.

What if we told you there is an easier way to wipe off the stains? Curious to know how to remove stains from walls effortlessly? Our answer is by using a durable and washable wall paint like Berger’s Easy Clean Fresh. Once your walls are painted with this emulsion, you can rest assured that cleaning the stubborn stains off the walls is a piece of cake while your walls keep their rich colour and elegant finish for longer! Now, isn’t that the perfect solution for a busy home surrounded by people and pets?

Removing crayon, pencil, ink stains from kids rooms

If you are a parent, you would have observed that kids are attracted to walls just like bees are to flowers. It is almost a part of their growing up process.

Cleaning erasers, hairspray and nail polish removers are the usual cleaning tricks to remove scribble marks and accidental spills but it requires quite an effort. It is best to choose a washable paint like Berger’s Easy Clean Fresh right from the start. This way you don’t have to worry about how to get rid of the marks on the walls.

The paint is backed by Cross-Linking Polymers, which has a more durable formula than your average emulsion. You can easily wipe away the stains with soap and water. It is really a game-changer, minimising your cleaning efforts!

Getting rid of kitchen stains
kitchen stain

When we say kitchen, we are talking grease, ketchup, sauces, cooking oils – you name it! The longer you wait to remove it, the harder it can be to get clean.

Kitchen wall-stains are usually removed by scrubbing with hot water and a dishwashing detergent. However, it also involves one more step of scraping off any loose built-up grease first with a plastic spatula. As you can see, this method can make you break into a sweat and also be time-consuming!

When you paint your walls with Berger’s Easy Clean Fresh, you can skip all these problems. Just wipe the surface with soap for regular stains and you are done! If you are thinking about how to remove oil stains from wall, we have a quick and effortless solution for that too. All you need is mineral turpentine oil for it.

Final Thoughts

Since you cannot control accidental spills and stains in your everyday life, it would be wise to choose a washable wall paint that saves you time and energy from the daily cleaning stress.

Berger’s Easy Clean Fresh is worth its salt as it strikes the right balance between washability, durability, odour reduction and aesthetic than anything else. Now no more wincing at every stain or spill on your precious walls!

To learn how to remove stain from tile, we think you will find some handy tips here:

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