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Tired of boring rooms? Fret not as we have asked our in-house experts to give our fabulous readers some interesting DIY wall paint ideas!

Wall patterns and designs can instantly jazz up dull walls. If you have a creative streak, then it is a smart idea to use the walls as a canvas and unleash your imagination. From wall painting designs for hall to the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, kids room, study room to the balcony, we have got it all covered. Let’s get straight to it without dilly-dallying.

iPaint Wall Stencils
iPaint wall stencil

The art of stencilling your wall is a simple yet skilful way to make a whole world of difference to your painted walls. You can add drama and character to your room with Berger’s iPaint wall stencil kit. It makes a great choice for DIY enthusiasts because of its easy-to-follow instructions. You can create beautiful patterns on the walls with the help of stencils without any beforehand experience.

These wall stencils come in different designs such as Feather, Flora, Birdie, Diya and Bells, imparting a smooth finish to the walls and a wonderful experience to the DIY enthusiast.

How to get the look: To create a stunning base for your wall, you can use DIY Home Wall Painting Kit from Berger’s iPaint range. Leave the paint to dry overnight.

Next day, you can affix the stencil from the iPaint wall stencil kit on the wall, apply the chosen paint over it and wait till it dries. Once the paint is dry, take off the stencil from the wall for the big reveal!

Recommended Rooms: Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Balcony

Ombré Wall Effect
DIY Home Wall Painting

Take a look at the above inspirational photograph. A lovely watercolour wonderland!

Watercolour, ombre effect on the walls can add a dreamy touch to the space. This is an interesting decorative effect where two or more colours gradually merge into each other, creating a dreamy effect. Even you can get the same look and transform your room into a beautiful fantasy!

How to get the look: It is not as hard to pull off this wall pattern as you might think. Once the paint colours are on the wall, quickly blend them using a dry brush. Follow these tips and become an ombré pro in no time!

Recommended Rooms: Living Room, Bedroom

Geometric Pattern
Interior Wall Paint

Another wall design idea that can breathe new life to dull walls is geometric patterned walls. Clean and crisp with character, you can inject a modern feel into work and study spaces by playing with geometry.

How to get the look: Stick the masking tape to the chosen wall in the desired geometric pattern. Next, paint your wall with your choice of paint. Allow it to dry and then start applying the second coat of paint. Continue this process with different wall colours to achieve results similar to the photograph above. When the paint is fully dry, carefully peel off the masking tape and ta-da – your geometric wall pattern has been created!

Recommended Rooms: Study Room, Home Office

Striped Pattern

living room wall paint

Check out the above picture to get all the inspiration you need – It spells striped sophistication! You can create a charming and comfortable living room with this timeless pattern on the walls.

How to get the look: All you need is a small paintbrush, masking tape, roller and your chosen paint. Apply a coat of background paint to your wall, allowing it to dry for at least 48 hours. Measure the width of the wall to create vertical stripes. Divide the measurement by the number of stripes to figure the width of each. Using a pencil and a measuring tape, mark the position of your stripes. Cover the wall with the masking tape over the pencil line. Start painting the stripes on the wall and over the edge of the tape. Once done, pull the tape off carefully, and there you have it – a clean, striped look!

You can also take a more colourful approach and go for multi-coloured stripes on the walls with classic three-colour combinations or more!

Recommended Rooms: Study Room, Home Office

Checkerboard Pattern
living room wall painting

Time for some Black and White inspiration! It is the perfect contender for an accent wall, just like the one seen in the above picture. You can achieve a chic living space with checker walls.

How to get the look: Determine the height and width of the wall, then divide both by the size of square you would like. Once you have determined the measurements, paint the base coat and let it dry for at least four hours. Mark the horizontal and vertical lines for square patterns. Commence from the top of the wall, measure and mark the horizontal lines as per the size of your square pattern. Do the same for your vertical lines. Once you know which squares you need to paint, apply tape on the outside of each square firmly. Finally, begin painting the squares.

Pro tip: It is best to mark the squares that will have the coordinating colour. If you are starting with white squares, mark the ones that are to be painted black, or vice-versa. 

With a mini roller, fill in the squares with your coordinating colour. Paint every other box across and down. Allow it to dry for at least four hours and then remove the tape away from the painted squares with care.

Recommended Rooms: Passageways, Kitchen


Inspired enough? If the iPaint stencils caught your fancy, you can browse the entire range here from anyplace, anytime:

Hope this blog has served as a tutorial on how to achieve stylish living spaces through ingenious wall paint ideas.

Excited to see more? Let us help you channelise your creative energies further! Head to our blog where we have covered similar such wall paint ideas:

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  1. Rohit Barnwal says: August 4, 2021 at 11:20 pm

    Different colours and use of masking tape give a vibrant and beautiful look to your walls. It also gives a positive environment to the place. I too love pattern in walls

    1. admin says: August 5, 2021 at 9:26 pm

      Hello Rohit! We appreciate you writing to us with your thoughts. We totally agree that different colours and patterns work wonders in one’s living space! For more such wall painting ideas, do give this blog a read:

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