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A good front door makes a lasting impression and it can be one of the most important features of your home. It needs to complement the style and design of your property, as well as any other exterior features. 

As well as being an attractive feature that enhances the look of your property, a high-quality exterior door will protect against weather damage, noise, and intruders which all contribute to increasing the value of your property

How to select the room door colour – Things to keep in mind while selecting the door colour

While choosing a colour is a very personal choice, there are some things to consider before you begin painting. First and foremost, be sure to pick a colour that reflects your style and taste — not simply what’s in vogue. 


Front door painting ideas are a great way to give your home’s exterior a new look, but choosing the right colour is just as important. If you’re ready to paint your front door, here are some important things to consider before buying a roll of colour.


There are many colours to choose from when selecting a front door colour. Before you start with your door painting ideas, here are some questions to ask yourself: 


  • Is it complementary to the rest of my exterior home decor? 
  • Will it stick out like a sore thumb on Halloween or Christmas? 
  • Do you need some inspiration? 


Meet the front door paint ideas that will have you saying goodbye to boring paint, and hello to a new look for your home. Whether you’re looking for something classic or fun and playful, there are front door paint design ideas that will fit your personality perfectly.

Elegant Neutrals

White main door

Your front door is the first thing people see when they arrive to visit. If you’re looking for door paint design ideas for your front door, consider a classic neutral like soft dove grey. This colour pairs well with white siding and gives your house an understated elegance that befits older homes. Try hanging a basket filled with dried grasses in beige tones to welcome fall in a subtle way.

White Door and Red Brick

Your front door is often the first and last thing people see when they come to your home. If you’re looking for a classic look with modern-day charm, then door painting ideas with a white door may be a perfect choice. Made out of wood and with elegant windows on the sides, this door has timeless appeal. The brass kick plate and hardware help keep it looking crisp, while the same colour frame keeps it looking fresh year after year.

Modern White Door with Plants

A Classic White Door is one of the best door paint design ideas for a modern, yet elegant home. Try it with graceful topiaries on either side of the door for a more natural look. Whether you’re looking to accentuate the exterior colour of your home, or simply bring in an understated picture-perfect entryway, a white door is one of the door painting ideas that will never go out of style.

Green Door Idea

Door Colour Ideas

Solid, cheerful spring green is the perfect front door paint design ideas to welcome the warmer weather. This cheerful colour, reflected in the house’s adornment and welcomed by a shorter wreath of gourds and a pair of white birds, makes you smile whenever you see it.


 blue main door

If you are looking for unique door painting ideas, turquoise blue is the perfect option. It is a calming hue that will make you think of the beach and sand. This colour is unique without being loud, so it provides a calm ambience in homes. A contrasting wreath in fall colours brings out its elegance. Throw some lush greenery around the door to spice things up, and you’re all set with awesome door paint design ideas.


Mellow Yellow

Yellow main door

Give your front door a cheerful, welcoming touch by choosing a bright yellow door. Yellow is one of the happiest colours and can brighten up any exterior. The yellow door has been among the most loving door painting ideas that adds a pop of colour and fun to your home. The bright yellow enhances the exterior paint on your home, creating an inviting environment for guests to walk through.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Inspired Grape Coloured Door

If you like the famous show Friends and Monica’s door, then it could be a great colour for your exterior wall. Grape painted doors are a great addition to any home as it makes the entrance look more classy and welcoming. With its rich colour, this door paint design ideas help to enhance the elegance of your entry door. Apart from that, this can be used to make your front door or any room door colour look more beautiful and eye-catching.

Laid Back Grey

A grey front door is a chic choice for a contemporary styled home that doesn’t want to adhere to the traditional white, beige or cream. A grey door can also prove easier to keep clean than black and navy as mid to lighter tones won’t make any dust or dirt that adheres to the door’s surface as obvious. Greys can also count in bedroom door painting ideas giving your bedrooms a more modern look.

Blue Moroccan Design

traditional indian door architecture
Pic by Simone ten Hoorn

The Blue Moroccan is a beautiful colour that will work well for the exterior of your house. It looks great on the front door and will look spectacular when paired with most exterior paint colours, but it’s especially nice when combined with lighter shades. We recommend pairing it with other colours from our Mediterranean collection for a bold, bright accent! Moroccan Blue is among the beautifully versatile door paint design ideas.

Cheerful Orange

Orange door


Orange is known for its energy and boldness, making it the perfect colour for front doors. Orange makes a statement and works well as an accent colour when used with neutral backgrounds. Brighten up your home with a splash of colour! The colourful wreath adds just the right amount of shine to this front door and gives it a happy, welcoming feel. No matter what painting on door ideas you choose, adding pops of orange colour will always bring out the best in your home and room door colour.

Bottom Line

A fresh coat of paint on a front door is an instant way to breathe life into your home. A door colour paint design can make your home pop from the street and give it the perfect finishing touch. And, with so many door color ideas available, decorating your home’s front door or room gate colour has never been easier. Choose door painting ideas that match your house’s exterior, or go for something completely different.


New front door color ideas can be as simple as adding a coat of paint. You can paint it in a bold colour to show off your personality or use a soft white colour to create contrast with the other front door color ideas in your house. Either way, pick your door colour idea and give your front door an instant update. You can also opt for DIY door painting ideas on your summer holidays giving new room door colours and enhancing your house.


Is it better to paint or roll a door?

Painting a front door with a roller would leave streaks in the panel areas as well as not painting all of the panels of wooden door paint design. Painting a front door with brush too will not give the desired results, brush marks will be visible & the finish may not be unifor, The best way to paint your front door is with spray-gun compressor arrangement where the finish comes out to smooth & uniform. Usually pigmented 2k Polyurethane system for Wood to be used & proper surface preparation using Wood Putty to fill up dents, cracks, holes & correct the surface imperfections, isolant primer to improve the performance of the coating & prevents leaching of glues, resins, tannins & other chemicals which are there in the substrate & has a tendency to move up & destroy the finish. Both gloss & matt variants can be obtained. This apart pigmented Polyester coating can also be applied if some-one wants mirror like finish!!!

What is the most popular front door colour?

Bright colours are back in style, but in 2022, striking black front door paint ideas are expected to take over the design of homes. Bold front doors will be the most popular choice for people looking to stand out from their neighbours, according to a survey of paint and colour experts. The most common choice is a black front door paint design ideas, which has a deep, rich hue that enhances curb appeal while also being more resistant to scratches and scuffs than other colours.

Which colour is lucky for home?

Coral is a colour symbolic of marine life. The soothing, soft and bright nature of coral is what makes it perfectly suitable for the home front door. Coral brings along the blessing of good luck and prosperity to every individual living in the house. It boosts your mood by releasing feel-good hormones and encouraging you to think creatively.

What colour door increases home value?

The study shows neutral colours (like white, grey and taupe) are among the best door paint design ideas that can increase home value simply by the way they attract a larger audience. Homes painted in these colours allow buyers to easily envision themselves in the space, which makes it easier for people to purchase and personalize their new home.

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