Door Colour Ideas

Try a gorgeous splash of colour on your front door for a gracious welcome. Get some ideas from these wooden door paint colours.

They say you should not judge a book by its cover, but sometimes we can’t help but be drawn to colourful, illustrative book sleeves. And the same applies to a front door. It is the first impression you send to guests- not to forget your own self.

Creating curb appeal or a welcoming façade does not have to mean replacing your roof or changing major architectural details; it can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint on your front door. While traditional paint for wood colours like white and brown serve a purpose, bold colours like green, blue, black and even pink and yellow can be a shortcut to a striking home exterior.

If your front entry is looking a little drab or you’re looking for a quick home exterior makeover, scroll through for some inspiration.

Front Door Inspo: Soothing Sky Blue
Sky Blue Front Door

Blue is known as one of the most calming colours in the spectrum. A sky blue door paired with white walls gives a traditional vibe to your entrance, instantly making it look more spacious, airy and open. For a tropical vibe, you can also pair it with green. A blue front door is also said to have good Feng Shui.

Front Door Inspo: Energetic Orange
Orange Front Door

Bright orange is an energising and vibrant colour. When paired right, orange lends a fun and playful touch. As seen here, combined with a contrasting sage green and grey, it keeps the mood balanced and bright.

Front Door Inspo: Earthy Green
Green Front Door

For nature-lovers, green is a great choice for front door paint. Whether you pick sage, emerald, forest or any other earth-inspired tones, green represents balance and can provide a refreshing effect every time you enter or leave the house. Green shades are also easier to maintain and clean than conventional shades since they dont show off marks or smudges.

As seen here, flowers provide a stunning bright pop of colour against the green backdrop.

Front Door Inspo: Cheerful Yellow
Yellow Front Door

From pastel yellows to saturated tones, it is hard to deny the uplifting impact of this colour. A sunny jolt of yellow creates a warm, bright, welcoming first impression. Yellow can be mixed with other colours to create an eye-catching colour combination and schemes.

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Front Door Inspo: Dramatic Black
Black Front Door

There is something about a black door- it is bold, elegant and classy- all at the same time. While black is an extremely powerful colour, when softened with other colours, it can create the ultimate style statement. Pair black wood paint with white for a monochrome door– a perfect door design idea to add visual excitement and drama to home exteriors.

Front Door Inspo: Refreshing Mint
Mint Colour Front Door

Here’s proof that certain colours can look so soft that they could easily pass off as neutrals. A refreshing mint as a front door colour is perfect for colourphobes. Pair it with a gold door handle and hinges that will pop from surrounding architecture, as seen here in this elegant door painted mint green.

Front Door Inspo: Pretty Pink
Pink Front Door

Pink makes a statement, whether you are wearing it or decorating with it. Ranging from almost-neutral millennial pink to out and loud hot fuchsia, the rich spectrum of pink surpasses all others with its versatility. Pink doors give a punch of refreshing statement that we all need from time to time. When paired with other colours like grey or navy, it injects some personality, balance and panache to every living space.

Front Door Inspo: Whimsical White
White Front Door

The versatility of a white front door is a major reason behind its popularity and reputation. If your house’s colour is bold, white will complement it without taking away or even adding to it. If you like experimenting with unique hardware or porch decor or would like to accentuate architectural elements, white is an excellent choice. A white front door will tell your guests that you are organised, clean and peaceful.

Additional Decor Tips To Remember When Picking A Colour For Your Front Door:

  • Most exterior paint colours lean towards neutral colours so the front door is your chance to add a pop of colour to your house. Adding a statement wood colour to the front door is also an easy way to boost the curb appeal while complementing the architecture and surrounding landscape.
  • Grey, green and blue doors can enhance the appeal of your home entrance, especially when they contrast with a houses warm undertones.
  • Pops of orange, red or yellow are naturally exuberant and welcoming. Vivid door accents are sure to make a grand statement and mix surprisingly well with other colours too, especially if neutral tones are used as a primary colour.
  • Take a colour cue from your home interiors and pick a colour you love for your front door. Think about the colours you will see when you open the front door too. Pull a strong accent colour or a saturated tone from the interiors for colour continuity and harmony.


Sustaining your front doors appeal and depth of colour is achievable with a range of wood coating sealers and top coats from Berger Paints Imperia Range. As durable as it is beautiful, Imperia is specially formulated to retain gloss and colour for both interior and exteriors, whatever be the weather.

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