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Are you surfing the internet looking for ideas to add visual interest to your blank walls? Read this blog for some unique ideas!

Amp It Up With Berger’s Silk GlamArt Metallica For Designs

With so much surface space to offer, walls have the power to set the tone of a room. If you are thinking of paint for wallsBerger’s Silk GlamArt Metallica For Designs can add pure aesthetic appeal to your walls, lending a touch of class to the entire space. It will impart a designer finish owing to the glossy metallic effect added to it.

This special effect paint is a fabulous interior house paint as it provides a glittering eye-catching effect with a smooth buttery finish. Different types of special effects such as Redox, Speckle, Tempest, Quadra can be created using a variety of tools on Berger Paints Silk GlamArt range.

Beautify With Borderlines

No more looking at boring, dull wall surfaces! You can perk up your walls with borders added along or just below the ceilings. Explore a range of designs such as floral, abstract and Greek style. Place them anywhere you like, whether it be in the middle, top or bottom of your wall and customise it however you like!

Go Timeless With Board And Batten Wallwall painting designs pictures for living room

Creating a board and batten accent wall is a great way to upgrade your room. A beautiful addition, the board and batten style offer a protective architectural detail as well as adds an aesthetic appeal to the living space. Basically, it consists of wide, vertically-oriented boards laid next to each other. Where the boards meet, a thinner board known as a batten is used to cover the seam.

Add Rich Texture With Fabrics

A fabric feature wall can be used to make a dramatic statement in any room of your house. This look can complement traditional and contemporary living interiors. You can go for gathered or pleated fabric on the wall to add softness, elegance and warmth.

Create Visual Appeal With Tiles3d wall painting design images

Tiles can work as the perfect finishing touch to your freshly-painted walls. Decorative options know no bounds when it comes to adding tiles. You can choose tiles in different shapes, sizes and patterns to create a curated look.

To derive some inspiration for wall paints with 10 Trendy Wall Colours Ideas For 2022’, click here.


You can add an extra decorative element to the walls of your home through these interesting ideas. While you think of design ideas for your interior walls, you can also enhance the walls of your home exteriors with exterior home colours.

Inspired? Discuss wall colour and styling ideas with Berger Express Painting experts today. For more exciting ideas to jazz up your walls, click here.

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