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Looking for affordable and easy ways to get your home ready for the big day? We share some home decor ideas for Indian weddings to transform the vibe of your home!

The pandemic has brought some disruption that has changed many facets of our lives. While the world was in lockdown, the restraints were too weak to keep lovers apart! Amidst all the commotion, couples around the country birthed a new home wedding trend with close family and friends. Even after the lockdown days are well behind us, this intimate wedding trend continues to gain popularity as couples choose to host their family in their homes for their wedding functions.

When it comes to a home wedding, since you have a small space and gathering, the focus directly falls on the venue presentation. You will need to pay good attention to details to create a special space for the big day, whether you envision a quiet affair or a big bash! Gone are the days of rose-decked room decor or when marigold garlands were a mainstay. Indian couples are now rethinking tradition, adding personal touches and customizing their celebrations in their own way. Even for couples who wish to go the traditional way, with just a few decor upgrades and luxury home design ideas, the ceremony can feel unforgettable and fresh!

Here’s your inspiration to get your home wedding-ready with some quick, easy and affordable decor tips including everything from glamorous wall finishes to DIY decor ideas:

The Perfect Backdrop For Pictures!wedding home decor wall finish

We all love to get dressed and click pictures at a wedding. Create a picture-perfect corner where the wedding guests can pose and flaunt their wedding finery with Berger Silk GlamArt range– Stones and Tones paint. This metallic paint comes reinforced with quartz and marble powder, offering a unique and attractive spike-like textured finish to every wall!

Welcome Guests with a Floral Rangolihaldi decoration for bride at home

Give your entryway an instant makeover with a rangoli. With everything from walls, to ceilings, to tables decked up, you would not want to leave the floors plain and drab, would you? You can either use traditional powders or flower petals to make a stunning design. With the help of a few people, you can create unique and alluring rangoli designs to welcome wedding guests to your home!

Use Old Sarees as Drapes for a Perfect Backdropmarriage decoration at home

Is there an old saree your mom or grandma does not use anymore? A perfect decoration idea for a bride and her wedding functions, these drapes make for a cost-effective and bright wedding decor. Make it twice as brighter by mixing numerous colours!

Multi-Purpose Ladder Decorladder decor, cheap mehndi function decoration at home

Another great option for your wedding venue design is to use a homely ladder to your advantage. With a few tricks up your sleeve, a ladder can be turned into a key decorative piece. Either use old wooden ladders for a rustic vibe or paint them in metallic hues to set up the scene. You can use them as a creative storage stand to display your decor or themed accessories or simply personalize them with some picture frames.

Get Artsy with Origamiindian weddings home decor

If you are looking for low cost simple Haldi decoration, origami is a form of paper art that is easy and simple and can take your decor game to the next level. Although it might seem difficult, there are plenty of easy origami videos available online. All you need is tons of colourful paper and some patience.

A Low Maintenance Floral Decor with Pampas Grassmarriage decoration at home

When it comes to wedding home decor trends, pampas grass has been a hot favourite for a couple of years. The tall, wheat-coloured tufted grasses that can be seen growing along cliff sides and riverbanks have a soft, dreamy quality that adds texture to anything from a bouquet to a ceremony backdrop!

Turn Your Mom’s Old Sarees into Stunning Cushion Coverswedding decorations at home, cushion cover

Why not use elements in your decor that have some sentimental value? There is no better way to do this than to use your mom’s old sarees as cushion covers for some major decor goals!

Go Green and Let Your Plants Liven Up the Surroundingsmarriage decoration ideas at home

Use your in-house greenery as a backdrop for a decorative area. You can also take plant cuttings and spray paint them in gold, silver hues for an added touch of glam!

DIY Macramé Candle Holdersdiy haldi decoration ideas at home with candles

A corner full of candles in stunning macramé holders creates moments of calm in between all the wedding fun and madness!

Repurpose the Lights from Your Diwali Decormarriage lights decoration ideas at home

Why spend mindlessly when you can repurpose decorations from Diwali. Light up every corner with string lights or even use it on the roof and experience a space full of stars!

Showcase Your Fondest Memories With a Photo Wallmarriage photo wall decoration at home

As you celebrate your love, nothing helps to remember the unforgettable experiences you have had together like a photo wall. Make a photo wall in a common guest area or at the entrance. There are so many ways to personalize a photo display for your wedding, you can take the rustic route and pin pictures onto a string of twine or frame your pictures in stunning frames. There is no better way to show off the story of your relationship and capture the special moments and milestones!

Go Boho With Dreamcatcherswedding decor with dream catcher

If you are planning a small intimate wedding function in your garden, you can hang dreamcatchers to create a surreal space. They are easy to make and will add an awesome bohemian vibe to your wedding decor.


If you are planning to host wedding functions at home and wish to do so in a cost-effective, elegant way, we hope these interior design trends will help you set up the perfect decor for your big day! Most importantly, do not forget to have fun and capture every little detail of the best day of your life.

How Can Express Painting Help You?

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