Many couples are arranging small weddings now that we’re at the “Unlock” period while prioritising everyone’s health and safety. If you’ve already decided to organise a small wedding at home, we’re sure you’re struggling with “how to decorate” it even though venues are only starting to open up. Simple wedding décor ideas abound, and they may really help you make the most of your big day. Put your concerns to rest since we have some simple apartment wedding decoration ideas for you.

How to prepare your home for wedding?

The house becomes a threat as the wedding day approaches because of all the events and ceremonies. We choose to do some pre-wedding traditions solely at our home, even after organising a spectacular wedding in a magnificent castle. It not only prevents us from wasting money, but also makes it more personal. So, here are some wedding decoration ideas for making your home look tradition worthy:

Paint your home

One of the most popular wedding decoration ideas is painting the home. Get some professional advice and opt for express painting service at user convenience. Make the home tradition worthy for a pre marriage ceremony especially make it appealing as wedding decoration ideas by opting the best ceiling paint for a suiting third wall.

Use wall textures for appealing effect

Wall textures add to the beauty of the home. The most important step for wedding decoration at home is to opt for a wall texture. So, why wait? As wedding decoration ideas pop up, pick and choose your selection of interior wall paints and let the brushes and rollers do the rest.

Revamp furniture with metal finish and wood finish

With the wedding decoration at home, it’s time to update every nook and corner. Your furniture may seem outdated in such a tradition worthy home. But, you’re not feeling to dispose them off. What to do? Well here’s the answer. As one of the wedding decoration ideas, revamping furniture is the best solution. Get expert advice to change the look of the furniture with metal and wooden finish. It’s just like killing two birds with one stone; upgradation without dumping.

Tips for wedding decoration  at home

Create a theme

In a wedding home, seating arrangements must be considered. In this situation, seat cushions may be crucial. You can create the theme for wedding decoration at home by construction of pillows out of old curtains. You may also ask a local weaver to create a sitting mat out of discarded materials if you don’t have the time to construct cushions.

Welcome guests with rangoli

With a rangoli, your wedding decoration ideas for the hallway will be instantly boosted. You may use the available colours to create a fast rangoli design by a quick search. You may quickly create a design that will enhance your wedding decoration at home with the aid of a few people.

Highlight entrance with floral décor and lamp

The ideal backdrop for the entrance may be created with your favourite flowers. Make simple flower strings with your family and hang them in a pattern to provide an understated yet lovely backdrop for the wedding decoration ideas.

Decorate with marigold garlands

Genda or marigold flowers are a traditional piece of house decor that may be used in a variety of ways. The genda phool garland, however, is the simplest. It may be hung anyplace and is easy to build. They are hence chosen wedding decoration ideas for mandap and hallway.

Create magic with lights

You may make tea lights from used diyas and fruit shells. If not, they are offered in quantity both online and in nearby retailers. With the aid of garlands or hooks, hang them up and take use of ambient illumination as wedding decoration ideas. On windy evenings, be cautious to preserve these lights to prevent running and lighting them repeatedly.

Set up house decoration wedding with photo wall

Making new memories is the main goal of weddings, and nothing helps guests recall an extraordinary event like a picture wall. Create a photo wall in the lobby or in a gathering place for visitors. Installing a picture booth is another of the most entertaining and well-liked DIY wedding decoration ideas. But for that, you might need your wedding planner’s help.

Amp up wedding with scented candles

Scented candles have a lot of potential uses. They may be used as a low-cost, straightforward haldi wedding decoration at home or as a small-scale wedding decoration ideas. In either case, they are available in any desired forms and sizes. They may also be constructed by hand to make the ideal type of wedding-themed home décor.

Embellish the Mandap with Decorative Mirrors

An excellent method to spruce up your house is using mirrors. They may be used as mandap decor, hallway wedding decoration ideas, or wherever else you choose. For the appearance of a mirror, soft mirror stickers are available for purchase. They may also be trimmed to any desired size. You must contact a local artist if you want mirrors decorated in a particular manner.

Create a stylish selfie corner at your balcony with appealing background wall colour and flowers

When it comes to wedding decoration at home, wicker baskets offer a practical and ecological solution. To transport food, flowers, and other pooja supplies to the mandap, utilise wicker baskets. They are portable and simple to carry. They are also familiar with Indian weddings and can be painted to serve as one of the Indian wedding decoration ideas by hanging at the balcony with appealing wall colours.

Decorate tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are one of the most crucial components of wedding decoration ideas. You can use leftover cloth at home and stitch and put fabric designs to use them as covers for chairs and tables. To give a finishing touch, put a vase of flowers on the tables to add to the beauty of the shield.


Now that you know the wedding decoration ideas for your home, you can pick and choose your favourite ones from the list. But budget comes above everything. So, plan a budget and act according to it for a pocket friendly wedding decoration at home.


1. Which colours should be avoided in wedding decoration at home?

White, Whiter than ivory, Black alone, only red, Gold, extremely metallic or dazzling, colour of bridesmaid dresses, Color of the mother of the bride or groom’s attire are some of the colors to be avoided.

2. Which are the best wall colour combination for simple wedding decoration?

Orange, yellow, blue, and red. The use of two contrasting blue hues gives this warm/cool mix more balance for wedding decoration ideas.

3. Can I use pastel wall colours for wedding decoration at home?

At home, pastel hues are employed to evoke emotions through colour. Numerous pastel hues are well recognised for conveying powerful feelings like love, happiness, calm, peace, and a host of other emotions making them suitable for wedding decoration ideas.

4. How to decorate a backyard for small wedding at home?

You can use flowers, some colorful lights, covers for tables and chairs as well as some artificial chandeliers to bring the ambience as wedding decoration ideas.

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