When most people buy a can of paint for a home improvement project, they usually lack the understanding and appreciation of unique features and advancements in the paint manufacturing industry. We take it for granted that we can go to any paint or hardware store and choose from an infinite variety of colours and shades. But paints were not always so economical and accessible. Paint companies, both large and small invest a great amount of time, talent and capital into creating innovative and disruptive products. Taking excerpts from market research and consumer feedback, paint companies are harnessing the power of technology to create products that look good and perform even better.

Significant innovations in painting have led to some fascinating interior and exterior applications. From paint that has inbuilt odour eliminating properties to paint that changes colour depending on temperature, the paint industry on a regular basis comes up with innovative products that most of us are not aware of. It is after all just paint, how could it be innovative?

Painting was one of the earliest inventions of mankind, going back to some cave paintings drawn with red or yellow ochre and charcoal tracing back to over 40,000 years ago. We have come a long way since then, from Stone Age man first discovering colouring with rocks and natural materials to the Industrial Revolution right through the introduction of acrylic paints. We can choose from paints that are safe, durable and allow us to express our artist imagination, unlike the limited options our ancestors had from the yellow, red and black materials they used on cave walls. Now customers have several painting options available for every budget and taste, to create any colours and illusions for home painting and design ideas.

If you are thinking of a new home décor project or painting your walls to a new colour, it becomes important for you to be aware of the industry advancements that often take years of research and product testing before they finally make their way to the market. Knowing what is new in paint technology will be helpful in deciding how to move forward with your paint job project. Here are some new and innovative technological developments in paints to keep in mind:

• Moisture damage: Comprising of two-component acrylic polymer modified white cement; waterproofing paints now consist of water-soluble crystalline microstructure which acts by deep penetration within the cementations matrix. Tools like Moisture Meter checks the health of walls- both interiors and exteriors to give an accurate update if waterproofing is required is just one of the many ways this industry is using technology to derive accurate and right information about painting solutions.

• Paints that are washable: Paint manufacturers are now formulating emulsions with special types of cross-linking polymers and fine pigments that gives it a high washability to maintain a new look for years. This feature makes it perfect for households with pets and kids who love to use the house walls as their colouring canvas.

• Paints that kill germs: Perfect for health-conscious homeowners, some advanced paint formulas now include anti-fungal and anti-foaming properties. This innovative formula can help significantly in reducing the number of patients who pick up infections while trying to get better in hospitals.

• Paints that are odour eliminating: No one wants their house smelling like their pets or smoke. With the latest innovations in painting technology, it is now possible for home paints to absorb malodours such as cigarette smoke, garlic, ammonia etc. This unique formula also absorbs harmful air pollutants, thus making the air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

• Previewing colour schemes prior to painting: Paint companies are introducing software to make it easy for customers to create and experiment with different colour schemes on photographs of their homes to help them choose the right combination before the actual painting and create the perfect look for their dream homes. This way, consumers can actually have a look at how their chosen colours and shades will look on their home walls even before it is applied and choose the best available options to create a beautiful looking house.

• Virtual painter: More painting companies are now beginning to invest in 3-D visualisation technology that helps the customers get a glimpse of what their room’s interior or house’s exterior may look like with a particular shade or a combination of different shades. This helps assist the customers in taking the right decisions.

• Eco-friendly paints: No longer does it mean that you need to sacrifice on your paint quality to choose eco-friendly or green products. One of the biggest trends today is the increased availability and demand for eco-friendly paints that have low or no-VOC (volatile organic compounds). This formula protects house owners from various health issues associated with harmful chemicals and contributes to green building and remodelling moment.

• Advancements in painting tools: If you have recently got your home painted by professionals, you must have seen your painter arrive with new equipment that might look right out of a Transformers movie. These tools, however, are a result of the painting industry harnessing the power of technology. Be it Airless Paint Sprayer that lets you paint right up to the edge without tape for a uniform look or multipurpose mixer that allows quick and hassle-free mixing of different paint or the handy auto roller, a practical version of the regular wall roller. The painting industry has adapted to the industry demands with tools that are cost and time saving, effective and efficient.

• IoT for the painting industry: IoT is redefining the way we work. Brands are now harnessing technology for faster, quicker results. Berger Paints developed an IoT device; Device Distribution Beacon that is rethinking Customer service. It ensures supervision is done round the clock even when the representative is not present on the site. In case of any complaints, the customer can simply send in a notification to the respective personnel with the touch of a button for immediate corrective action.

Paint has come a long way over the last few years. It can be used to simply give your home a new look or you can take it to the next level and create cost-effective, savvy and eco-friendly elements in your house. It is not just about aesthetic appeal and durability anymore, people have new innovative and unique options to consider when it comes to their home painting.

It is a great time to be creative with interior wall painting ideas and think of different options and alternatives available to give your home walls any look that you desire. With the range of products available to you today, you have the chance to transform your home that goes beyond what many people think paint is for. As the demand for new high-quality products and innovations increases, the technology will continue to push on and consumers can expect to see new paints and new techniques in which painting can be explored.

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  1. Afton Jackson says: April 1, 2022 at 7:36 am

    Thank you for helping me learn how efficient it is if you leave house painting to an expert. Using advanced tools instead of just plain old brushes could help us do our spring house upgrade project a lot quicker. I’ll hire an interior painting professional for sure so they can use those kinds of tools for us.

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