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While painting your home or office, one is always on the lookout for the next big thing. The new look of the facility must resonate with our personality while also looking trendy and long lasting.

Recent developments in paint technology have now enabled painting methods to be more effective than ever. As new innovations in paint technology are discovered, it becomes clearer for the user what look and impact they want and also how to achieve it.  

In this blog, you will be introduced to the latest development in painting technology and what styles are trending. So, tick your dream interior look from your bucket list! 

Innovative changes in Painting technology that you should know | Berger Paints 

Know the details of how latest painting technology saves time and makes painting work more effective. Also explore the new innovations in paint technology and tools by Berger Paints.   


Top 11 Innovative Painting Technology Trends 

 Painting and coating can do much more than just offering colour. They also provide with grip, protection, cooling, scientific water-proofing etc. Innovation in painting industry, just like any other, has been happening over time, offering effective wall paints that are washable, thus easy maintenance.  So, here is the list of top 11 innovative painting technology trends.  

  • Self-Cleaning Paint 

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New innovations in paint technology have led to the discovery of self-cleaning paint. Such paint is able to retain its original colour for a long period of time. This paint is made with the use of nanotechnology which reduced friction on the surface. This then makes it easier for dust particles and water droplets to slide of easily while not leaving any stains behind.  

  • Smart Paint 

What if your wall could turn into a touch screen? With smart paint, this could be a possibility thanks to latest paint technology. This paint contains conductive nickel grid which in turn creates electrodes on the wall acting like a sensor to track the movements. This enables the walls to detect movement, understand commands via gestures and can be a huge asset for commercial spaces.  

  • Self-Healing Paint Wraps 

Wraps of paint which are self-healing in nature are beneficial when the walls are more prone to damage. These wraps are comparatively easier to apply and repair and thus saves a lot of maintenance cost. Simply apply heat, being malleable in nature they return to their original form in no time! 

  • Antimicrobial Paint 

Thanks to latest innovations paint can now be used with nanotechnology in order to repel any hazardous microbes. This can be achieved by adding silver particles to the paint which kills off any microbes that comes in contact with it while also keeping the walls sterile. Silk Breathe Easy is a luxury anti-pollution and antibacterial paint that lends a rich appearance to the walls. 

  • Spray On Antennas  

New technology in wall painting has now made a futuristic idea into reality. Researchers have now developed a spray paint that is just as effective as any mobile device or a router that can transmit radio waves. While this technology largely remains in its infancy stage as of yet, but once commercialised it can have a great impact on commercial stages as the need for Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow.  

  • Solar Paint 

While we continue to have painting innovations and develop new things, caring for the environment still remains on top of everyone’s priority list. New innovations in painting technology have now made it possible to infuse paint with light sensitive particles which can absorb the sunlight and convert it into energy. What’s even more fantastic is that it comes with easy installation, as easy as painting the wall. While not as effective as solar panels, this paint can generate just as much clean energy.  

  • Faster Drying Paint 

Freshly painted walls are almost always are in danger of unsuspecting person touching it out of simple curiosity and spoiling the paint. But no more. Researchers working on latest coating technology have now come up with faster drying paint which will dry off quickly and save your walls from unnecessary hand prints.  

  • Greener Paint

As stated above, the paint industry also keeps environment as its top priority. Owing to which, researchers have now come up with a type of greener paint which will reduce the release of harmful chemicals into the air. This will also make thee paint more safer and less odorous, all the while being safe for the environment.  

  • Air Cleaning Paint

A freshly painted room comes with its fair share of odour which sometimes becomes unpleasant and too much to handle. New innovations in paint technology have now made it possible to infuse the paint with air purifying technology which will not only reduce the odour significantly but will also improve the quality of air.  

  • One Coat Paint

Applying coats and coats of paint to get the desired effect and smoothness can be exhaustive. Also, let’s not forget the number of resources which go into this. With the latest technology painting can be a tad easier job, thanks to one coat paint which is a mix of paint and primer products. One smooth stroke and your office will be back to business! 

  • 3D Paint 

With recent development in paint technology, the shoppers can now make use of 3D visualisation technology in order to decide how the final look of the house of office will be based on the shades and colours chosen. This can save the shoppers a lot of time and the seller their resources while deciding on the right look.  Professional Painting Tool

Berger Paints waterproofing solutions keep dampness at bay, and offer freshness. You can also choose from DIY paints if you wish to get into a creative mode.  



 1) Why you should choose Berger paints for innovative home paining? 

Berger Paints assures quality, an extensive variety, latest technologies, and pricing that is the best. If you are looking for protection and aesthetics, Berger Paints is the one for you.  

2) Are paint sprayers good for indoor use? 

Yes, you can use sprayers for indoors. They are faster, cleaner and more efficient.  

 3) What are the 3 kinds of spray tools? 

Airless, Pneumatic and HVLP are the spray tools that can help give you a fine, uniform finish. 

 4) Which is better air or airless paint sprayer? 

Airless sprayers are said to be effective in the sense, they can handle thicker paint better.  

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  1. Afton Jackson says: April 1, 2022 at 7:36 am

    Thank you for helping me learn how efficient it is if you leave house painting to an expert. Using advanced tools instead of just plain old brushes could help us do our spring house upgrade project a lot quicker. I’ll hire an interior painting professional for sure so they can use those kinds of tools for us.

  2. Afton Jackson says: February 4, 2023 at 4:33 pm

    Wow, I never knew that there were kinds of paint that could dry and clean themselves a lot faster. Things like these could really help me out with getting this place a new coat that won’t feel too stressful to maintain over time, thus making it easier for us to have a great new look for our home. I’ll use this for sure when I find a painting contractor in the area that can help me out with this method.

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