Some of these 2022 decor trends might just inspire you to give your home a brand new makeover!

A new year is a good excuse to revamp your home. And while you do not have to follow trends, it is always a good idea to get a glimpse of what is trending. And some of these 2022 home decor ideas might just inspire you to give your home a brand new makeover!

Interior design trends for 2022 are all about getting comfortable and creating a space you love spending time in. Since trends are usually decided on what people need in the moment, as the world recovers from the global health crisis and economic slowdown, people have a strong desire to create a space that visually and affectionately reflects their feelings and ideas.

Expect to see soft textiles, subtle colour palettes, reclaimed furniture- paired with some indulgences like high-tech homes.

If you’re contemplating redoing your home, 2022 style, the following home decor trends will give you all the inspiration (and motivation!) that you need:

Nature-Inspired Interiors Are Becoming a Norm

With so much time spent indoors, we are all looking at ways to strengthen our connection with nature. The simplest approach to do that is by using shades of green and brown in home decor. This could be through paint or fabrics.

Flora and fauna patterned fabrics are gaining popularity and you could add some statement pieces to your home to bring in nature.

Plants are another great way to bring authentic greenery into your home. Plants will not only complement your decor but they will also purify the air in the house.

Two-Toned Wallsinterior paint color combinations images

After years of spending time indoors, people are now craving spaces with personalities. And when it comes to making a statement in your space, you can’t go wrong with two-toned walls. Rather than settling for one paint colour, you can switch things up a little and choose two hues colour combination to create maximum impact. Think Moroccan style with blue and white walls, a contemporary twist with black and white walls or a contrasting play with green and brick red walls!

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Dual-Purpose Rooms

Single-use rooms are a thing of the past. In the light of new architectural trends, we expect to see more rooms that serve multi-functional purposes. Make the most out of every nook and corner with clean and innovative room dividing tactics e.g. dining rooms lined with books or storage, bedrooms equipped with exercise equipment or living room fitted with a work desk.

Cosy Comfortsinterior painting images

People want their homes to feel and look cosy in 2022, like being enveloped in a warm hug. It is a year of rejuvenation so expect to see plush fabrics, subtle home colours and soft-edges pieces.

High-Tech Homes

Interior design continues to evolve with the new strides in the world of tech and AI. Designers are embracing virtual design by leveraging new tech to create immersive spaces. Expect to see more voice interface integration, enhanced safety features and intelligent lighting systems.

Travel Inspired Interiors

As people begin to travel again, it might spark interest in rethinking the design of personal spaces. Travel enthusiasts can weave reminiscences of their wanderlust memories into their homes. So be it terracotta interiors inspired by a holiday in Jaipur or boho decor after a trip to Bali, travel-inspired interiors are a good way to add a bit of magic into the home.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

As people are beginning to shop more sustainably, it is reflected in home decor trends too. People are more conscious about how environment-friendly or ‘green’ their choices are. This could mean repurposing old furniture using Berger iPaint DIY range or buying more responsibly sourced items.

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Get Your Home Ready For 2022

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  1. Afton Jackson says: March 22, 2022 at 9:36 am

    The nature trend for home interiors was definitely the trend that I liked reading about the most. This is because I loved to roam around parks and gardens before, so getting this kind of atmosphere at home could really help us feel relaxed. I’ll ask a painting expert to help me pick out paints that can go well with this trend and use them when we do a house makeover.

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