Living room wooden furniture

Thinking of discarding your old furniture? This will change your mind! Read this blog to know more.

You may have the right wooden furniture pieces in your home that have been serving you for years. However, just because they may have lost their shine over the years doesn’t mean you need to replace them. If the wooden surfaces have become dull in appearance due to constant usage, proper application of a wood finish can breathe new life, bringing back the lost sheen!

Here are some décor ideas and maintenance tips to give second lives to these wooden pieces.

Living Room

Wooden furniture in living room

In the living room, you can rearrange your centre table with some fancy decorative candles, sweet-smelling potpourri and fresh blooms. To ace the art of coffee table decoration, you can read an exclusive blog here.


Bedroom Space Wooden furniture

The bedroom is a haven where you retreat after a long day, making it necessary that it has elements that appeal to your senses. To enhance your bedroom’s visual quotient, you can spruce up your bedside table with interesting décor accessories. The table can serve as the perfect stand for your books, reading glasses and a statement lamp.

Dining Room

Dining Area Wooden furniture

The dining room is a place where everyone gathers for hearty meals and drinks. Your dining table can be instantly transformed, inspiring several conversations with some quick décor changes. Beautiful table runners can easily switch things up and spruce up the entire dining area. You can even add some beautiful candles that work as striking centrepieces. Even a change in crockery and cutlery pieces can take the dining experience several notches up!


Balcony area wooden furniture

You can amp up the gathering spot in your balcony with a table and small wooden chairs. You can even hang a swing, if space permits. You can use an outdoor accent rug to add some warmth to the space.

Transforming Old Furniture Into New!

Everyone from interior designers to DIY enthusiasts are making sustainable and mindful choices by upcycling old furniture these days. Therefore, if you already have existing wooden furniture in every corner of your home but have observed water rings, scratches, scuffs or deep gouges on them, you just need to address the issue with the right approach. You don’t have to be hasty and give them away to the ‘raddiwala’.

The Indian paint market has a range of wood coating paint and finishes to maintain the beauty of your wooden surfaces. No more throwing away your weathered wooden furniture and treasured antique wooden pieces!

Berger Paints India has a wide range of wood coating and wood finishes for every wooden surface in every corner of your home. You can explore an array of products, right from putty, primer, varnishes to wood coating, for both interior and exterior wood surfaces and give them the much-needed facelift!

Final Thoughts

It is time to make your home look ‘Instagrammable’ by elevating the beauty of existing wooden furniture pieces in your home. Hope you have found some easy décor ideas and best finish for furniture to get your favourite wooden pieces looking like new again!

You can reach out to the professionals of Berger Express Painting today to know more about our wooden finishes and experience a faster, cleaner and safer serviceSMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or call on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030.

That said, our experts think that while big makeovers need professionals, quick fixes can be done on your own with no prior expertise required. You can take up a small DIY project over the weekends with Berger’s range of DIY kits. To know more click here.

2 Replies to “Make Your Wooden Furniture Timeless!”

  1. Afton Jackson says: January 27, 2022 at 10:42 am

    It’s really impressive how you showed off great ways to utilize wooden furniture. For example, that part of your article that talked about using a wooden table to bring warmth and comfort to the living room really looks like an idea we can use for our own classical house idea. I’ll take it into account when I shop for wooden furniture in the area for sure.

    1. admin says: January 28, 2022 at 11:24 am

      Hello Afton,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We are glad that you found this article helpful.

      You can also try some interesting DIY ideas for wooden furniture that we have put together for readers like you:

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