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Here is a selection of inspirational kids bedrooms that use beautiful colour palettes along with sweet decor accents and accessories.

Creating a colour scheme that will last your child from the toddler to the teenage stage might seem like an impossible dream, but it may not be as far off as you think. While you cannot anticipate every whim that your child will have as they grow while they acquire their unique tastes and find new interests, there are ways to add longevity to any child’s room.

When it comes to colours, traditionally, blue has signified boys while pink has symbolised girls. Though widely accepted and popular, this is not a rule carved in stone. With the evolving and progressive times that we live in, we need to step outside the box and look beyond the obvious pink and blue for our girls and boys.

It is time to break the rules of colour conformity. We have put together some ideas on kids room paint for you. Start scrolling!

Classy neutrals
painting ideas for kids

For a soothing, gender-neutral design, try neutral tones. The beauty of neutral walls is that anything goes. Earthy accessories set against a beige backdrop creates a cosy ambience, resulting in a space that is perfect for either gender and easy to update as your child matures.

Style Notes: With boisterous kids running around the house, pared-back neutrals might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but there is no denying that they make a great foundation for any young child’s room. Light, fresh and clean, a soft beige shade such as BUTTERED TOAST (7D1566) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue splashed across the four walls creates a soothing backdrop for sleep and a great opportunity for accessorising.

We understand that it is simply not possible to repaint every time the walls get stained with smudgy fingerprints or stubborn stains. By opting for Berger Easy Clean Fresh, you can be free from such worries as these marks can simply be wiped clean. Only spotless, beautiful walls, all thanks to its Cross-Linking Polymers technology.

This is the ultimate choice for wall painting for kids room when it comes to creating a space that sparks the imagination with no restrictions.

To know more about the product benefits, read this:

Candy crush
kids room painting

Neutrals, not your thing? Try making a statement with pastels. No one said that “gender-neutral” and “pastels” are mutually exclusive. Our colour experts believe that pastels are a great gender-neutral option that can also grow with your child.

Style Notes: Pastels are great for the kids’ room, being serious enough while studying and soothing enough for good sleep. You can go with multiple pastels on a single wall, as seen in the picture above. Our Berger’s Colour Catalogue has beautiful pastels to achieve the right effect. You can check COTTON CANDY (1P0458), BABY POOL (5P0130) and A GENTLE PLACE (5P1146) that are the closest match to the shades from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.

Soothing shades
wall painting for kids

Searching for a soothing hue? Try a pale moss or a muted sage. More than any other colour, various shades of green harmonise well together, possibly because it is the most comfortable colour on the eyes. Rich and versatile, these soft greens go with everything, helping add the cosy factor to the overall space.

Style Notes: Our experts say that a grown-up colour such as MOSSY GARDEN (4D0910) found in Berger’s Colour Catalogue is perfect for an older child’s room as it can work through those tricky in-between stages of growing up. Soothing hues help strike a masterful balance between playful and polished. You can keep the furniture clean and in crisp white for a modern look.

Bright tones
kids room paint ideas

Looking for a fresh gender-neutral shade? What could be cheerier than waking up in a room that spells sunshine? Yellow is just that colour! Timeless and gender-neutral, it is a hue that you can go with, without second thoughts.

Style Notes: You can also balance the bright yellow with a cool and calming shade so that it is not tiring for the eyes. If you do not want to drench the entire room in yellow, you can use it as an accent wall colour to enliven a homework area or a reading nook. A shade like TULIP FIELD (3D2078) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue works well for any age or gender.

Inspiring Wall Décor Ideas for Kids Room

Creating a room for an imaginative little one can be a great excuse to let your creativity run wild and free. However, if you are not sure of your freehand painting skills, you can opt for Berger’s DIY iPaint wall stencils.

Berger’s DIY iPaint wall stencils

With options as diverse and interesting as Birdie, Flora, Bells and Feather, you can inject a hint of playfulness and visual interest to the walls. You can choose the stencils depending on the theme of the room and the vibe you wish to create.

If you are still not convinced and are looking to spruce up a child’s room with some more fun and exciting elements, there is no need to restrict yourself to simply wall paints or stencils. We have some more things in store for you in terms of kids room paint ideas!

You can opt for our mesmerising iPaint DIY Glow in Dark Paint Kit to create a fun mood, especially during the night time or in a dark setting. You can pick from interesting options such as Galaxy and Ocean World. You can also add some more fun elements with cool and quirky switchboard highlighters.

The best part about these DIY kits is that you can do it all by yourself with no professional help at all. Simply follow the instruction manual that has a step-by-step tutorial for easy understanding.

Final Thoughts

These were some colour ideas for your kids’ room. If you spot a colour you like, you can get our Berger Express Painting team to do the rest! Our dedicated and experienced professionals will transform the look of the kids’ room in the given timeline using the colour of your choice. Call our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 today.

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