Designing a kid’s room can be overwhelming. Worry not; our experts have put together a curated list of six important steps on how to design a functional yet anything-but-boring kid’s room.

Maximise storage space

With plenty of toys, books, stationery, mementoes and clothes lying around, the room is bound to get messy. Storage is one of the most important elements that you need to think about when it comes to a kid’s room. Displaying stylish storage boxes and wicker baskets that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing is a clever idea. It will help keep the room clutter-free and organised. Baskets, stacking boxes and toy boxes can also serve as storage and seating options, making it ideal for a kid’s room.

Choose the best wall colours and designs

Kids are inherently inquisitive, with even the smallest and simplest of things fueling their imagination and creativity. This means endless scribbles, drawings and handprints on the walls of their rooms. Keeping this in mind, it is best to opt for washable paints for the kid’s room. What you get is beautiful, spotless walls, without curbing their freedom of expression or quelling their creativity.

For kids room colour ideas, you can opt for zesty colours such as bright green, sunny orange or aqua blue or even a combination of two colours or more. Only your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating fun and unusual colour combinations with wall paints.

For more wall painting ideas, you can even pick wall designs or Easy Clean stencils for a kid’s room by Berger Paints India. The wall stencils are sure to inject some personality into the space. You can choose from fun-filled themes like jungle safari, nature, sports or abstracts. It is ideal for the kid’s room as these stencils can be cleaned and stored for future applications too. Great if you are renting and not allowed to make any permanent changes to the walls!

Pick the right rug

For kids, the floor is the perfect place to play and have fun. Rugs are a great addition to their room, providing the perfect cushion for accidental falls. Rugs are even forgiving towards accidental stains and spills. They can also provide effective noise insulation when kids are playing. Rugs can make the room not only cosier but make playtime a lot more comfortable and safe.

Look for prints that have busy patterns and are dark in colour to hide spills and stains. Opt for heavy-duty fabrics and upholstery that are stain-resistant or can camouflage small stains and spills. Make sure all cushion covers are removable and washable. Keep in mind that the placement of the rug in the room is in accordance with the size of the bed, chairs, study desk and play area. To be sure, pick a rug that has anti-slip rug pads that prevent kids from falling and injuring themselves.

Invest in proper lighting

Just as in other rooms, kid’s rooms should have a range of light sources for flexibility. Lighting is often overlooked but it is worth thinking about during the early stages of designing a kid’s room. Lighting can actually set the tone of the room, complementing the décor style of the entire room. We have some bright ideas for you when it comes to the lighting options.

For lighting options in a multifunctional space like a kid’s room, avoid displaying fragile table lamps or floor lamps that can break easily. Elevate all the light sources in the room to prevent injury. Lighting options like fairy lights or plug-in LED strips are low-cost ways to decorate the room, so you can opt for that as well.
A desk lamp or a reading light is ideal for your little one’s room to help during homework hours and story-reading time. The lamp is bound to bring the right amount of brightness into the kid’s room. Always remember to choose lighting that is age-appropriate and provides suitable functionality.

Opt for comfortable bedding

When it comes to choosing the best bed for a kids’ room, there are lots of options available. Comfort and colour are key while deciding on the choice of bedding. It is a great idea to design an extendable bed that can pull out to keep up with the kid’s growth. Built-in drawers in the bed are another smart addition. Optimise under-bed space for storage if there are space constraints.

A bunk bed is a great idea if the room is shared by two kids or more and if you want to save floor space. Monochromatic, colourful or themed, you can create a stylish atmosphere in a kid’s room with a bunk bed. You can throw in some pillows shaped in quirky shapes for a playful look. For bedsheets, blankets and duvets, pick from cute animal prints, pastel hues and unicorn designs or something inspired by the favourite games or characters that the kids are sure to love.

Install the right window treatment

You need to consider the choice of curtains, shutters and blinds while designing a kid’s room. Window treatments add the finishing touch to a room. However, they can also be victims to mucky fingers of little ones and quite a hassle to clean. Opt for easy-to-customise and install something that fits any style. Remember to think about light control. Pick room-darkening and light-filtering window shades. Go for designs and patterns that are functional and fun.

Remember when picking out window treatments, it is a clever idea to invest in a durable, high-quality shade that your little one will enjoy for years to come. When it comes to your little one, safety is everything. Make sure there are no dangling cords or swooping draperies as it can be dangerous for kids.

These are 6 steps to create a trendy room for a kid’s room while keeping it stylish and utilitarian at the same time. So, go ahead and set up your kid’s room!

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