Diwali home painting

Here are some trendy ideas on home decoration for festival celebrations in the upcoming days.

While in the past two years, we were isolated and secluded from the tangible things of life, today, we are more together than we were ever before!

With the festive season upon us and the pandemic hopefully nearing an end, we can look forward to big, giddy celebrations this year with renewed feelings of hope, positivity and happiness.

It is now time to get our homes ready for the auspicious days ahead of us. If you have been looking for ways to introduce some visual upgrades in your living space through exquisite textures and designer paint, you have come to the right place!

With our homes becoming the centre of socialisation, we now look to our walls to offer the perfect backdrop when playing hosts and hostesses.

A great party or intimate gathering means having beautiful backdrops with vibrant interior wall colours. Not sure how to spruce up your home walls for at-home pujas or fun get-togethers? Let us lead the way. Scroll down and you will find loads of curated festive decorating advice – straight from our in-house experts.

With these handy tips, you will be able to borrow some inspiration and have memorable soirées with friends and family in no time.

To start off and mark this festive period, here’s our collection of glamorous designer wall textures from Berger’s Silk GlamArt range that goes hand in hand with festive celebrations and is bound to leave a lasting impression.

ArtisticArtsy wall texture for festive look

A walk through art or a walk through your home? We say both.

Try our artsy texture, Artistic, for a rich look that feels tailor-made for the festive season. This texture is a perfect rendezvous of opulence and grandeur. It is sure to garner your guests’ awe and admiration. Wrapped in enchanting colour and texture, it will adorn your home beautifully.

Get the look:

Base Coat: Vintage Aegean Mist 4P0977 | Top Coat: Metallic Fresh Mint IM3B

Recommended Rooms For This Wall Texture: Passage Way, TV Wall, Bathroom

SprinkleMetallic gold crinkly texture on wall

Elegant and extraordinary, this texture known as Sprinkle has a wonderful crinkly texture with a striking effect that is sure to allure the onlookers. The metallic gold on the walls is perfectly in sync, complementing the texture and sets the tone for the festivities.

Get the look:

Base Coat: 2T0692 Vintage Sun Room

Top Coat: Metallic Gold

Recommended Rooms For This Wall Texture: Living Room, Puja Room, Kitchen

Stone EdgeLiving room stone edge wall texture

Our experts love how this Stone Edge texture, as seen in the photograph above, can add an edge to the overall space and become a great conversation starter when guests start pouring in.

Get the look: Base Coat: Silk Ebony Coast 8A1840 | Top Coat: Metallic Black Diamond IM8C

Recommended Rooms For This Wall Texture: Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom 

DenimDenim wall texture for living room

Inspired by the beauty of its namesake, this texture is a great addition to your walls if you like eclectic backdrops. Still prevalent and in vogue today, the denim look can be translated on your favourite walls to make a powerful statement.

You can incorporate this rich texture, Denim, on your walls for the most interesting backdrop during celebrations. This texture will modernise your living room and elevate your entire living space instantly.

Get the look:

Coat: Vintage Island House 4T1020

Recommended Rooms For This Wall Texture: Passage Way, TV Wall, Living Room

LateriteLaterite interior wall texure for living room

Transform your walls into a beautiful canvas and adorn them with laterite art. You can achieve the look as seen in the above photograph using the interior wall paint and this texture called Laterite. We are sure you won’t be able to keep your hands off your walls, thanks to its mesmerising free-flowing design.

Get the look:

Top Coat: Non Metallic Greystone Cellar 8D 1710

Recommended Rooms For This Wall Texture: Passage Way, Living Room, Bedroom

FrostFrost designer wall texture for festive look

The designer wall texture, Frost, makes for a striking feature wall. The green hue, as pictured above, exudes freshness, serving as a fabulous base for festive decorations.

Get the look:

Coat: 7D1494 Marble Clover Park

Recommended Rooms For This Wall Texture: Passage Way, Living Room, Bedroom

Final Thoughts

 After two years of missed celebrations, this year is all set to be different with everyone going all out and indulging wholeheartedly. Let’s embrace these intimate moments of celebration by adding a touch of positivity.

In the end, the home is about people, family and gatherings. Your walls should be a background element that enhances ambience.

We hope we have left you feeling inspired by our festive interior house paint ideas. If you are thinking of adding a splash of colour and texture to your home, get in touch with our painting team and take your pick from the glamorous textures under the Berger Silk GlamArt range.

Textures create visual interest and add interest to wall surfaces, keeping it from appearing flat. Each wall texture under the Berger Silk GlamArt range has a beautiful concept behind it. These textures are sure to lend unmissable appeal to every inch of your home. The sheer magnificence of the range makes it a great addition to your home. Remember to choose textures that match the atmosphere you intend to create and suit the existing décor of your home.

For a celebratory vibe throughout your house, don’t forget to add décor elements like fresh flowers like marigolds, diyas, candles and colourful accessories.

If you want some easy décor ideas, we recommend you read this blog, “Quick Diwali Decor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home.”

For exterior wall makeover, we suggest you read our festive blog, “Diwali Edition: Give Your Exterior Walls A Fabulous Makeover!”

With the help of Berger Silk GlamArt, you can give your walls a much-needed makeover. SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or give us a call on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030.

Wishing all our dear readers celebrating the festival of lights a very Happy Diwali. Celebrate responsibly!

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