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Read on to know how to make the exterior walls of your home Diwali-ready!

Diwali is the most awaited festival in India. People start preparing to welcome Goddess Lakshmi months in advance, starting from cleaning to home decoration to house painting.

While it is important that your home interiors be squeaky clean and sparkling to welcome the goddess of wealth, health and good fortune, it is equally important for your exterior walls to be dust-free and gleaming too.

However, with the rapid pace of urbanisation and ongoing building constructions, we see a lot of dust around us, dulling the beauty of our homes. This is where Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt can help. With its unique and innovative Dust Guard technology, it does not let dust settle on the walls. It imparts a rich, soft sheen finish, enhancing the overall beauty of the house.

You can now enjoy exterior walls that are free from black streak marks caused due to dust and rain. Weathercoat Anti Dustt comes with a 5-year warranty as well, ensuring total peace of mind. Rest assured that your home will look fresh and bright for years to come.

Berger Paints has always been a responsible corporate towards environment. All its products, including Weathercoat Anti Dustt, are low VOC in content and Green Pro certified, making it ideal for environment-conscious customers.

Get Your Exterior Walls Talking!

Since Diwali is a festival of colours, it is also the right time to give your wall exteriors a trendy festive upgrade and dazzle all your guests. We have put together some colour options for exterior house paint for Diwali.  Read on and get inspired!


Loved for its relaxing effect and for its elegance, blue is a wonderful exterior wall colour choice to welcome the festival of Diwali.

Our Top Festive Pick: You can make a stunning statement with an electric blue shade like CELEBRATION BLUE (5A0284) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.


The exquisite green palette drips with grandeur, perfectly complementing Diwali’s festive atmosphere.

Our Top Festive Pick: You can treat your exterior walls to a gorgeous green shade such as GIFT OF GREEN (4T0941) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.


The colour yellow is known to brighten the surroundings instantly, lending a warm, festive glow. You can enhance the beauty of your walls with beautifully-lit ‘diyas’, fabric lanterns and fairy lights.

Our Top Festive Pick: You can add a burst of colour into the joyous air with a vibrant yellow shade like SUNFLOWER PETAL (3D0782) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.


A hue like orange exudes vibrance, suiting the gala nature of Diwali beautifully.

Our Top Festive Pick: You can treat your exterior walls to a zesty shade of orange such as ORANGE CHARM (3D0236) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.


The colour red is considered auspicious for Indians, be it in the form of ‘sindoor’ or ‘rangoli.’ Create a lavish Diwali atmosphere with a rich shade of red on your walls.

Our Top Festive Pick: You can make your exterior walls come alive with a fiery red shade of BEAUTY QUEEN (1A0316) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.


A hue like beige is perfect for a stylish touch when it comes to your home exterior walls.

Our Top Festive Pick: This festive season, you can create a classy statement with a sophisticated shade of beige like FOSSIL BEIGE (7P0179) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue.


Final Thoughts

Your home exterior walls should reflect your personality and help set the festive mood.

For festive-ready, dust-free exterior walls, opt for Berger Express Painting. We are here to take care of exterior wall painting. Quality and safety guaranteed!

Want Instagram-worthy walls for the perfect backdrop for festive family pictures? Say hello to our painting experts on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or SMS ‘XP‘ to 56767.

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