Orange coloured kids room

Here are some beautiful colours along with smart décor tips that will allow children to live in harmony together in a shared bedroom.

Designing a kids room is always a tricky affair. This is because the kids’ room is not only a bedroom but also a study and playroom at the same time.

Now imagine having to design a room that more than one child has to live in. It can turn out to be a decorator’s nightmare. The right approach here would be to create a room that is comfortable for both the children, keeping their colour choices and décor preferences in mind.

Always remember to involve the children in the planning process so that they can have a room that allows them to express their personality without compromising on aesthetics.

It is important to take into consideration the unique personalities of the kids and also their personal needs while designing the room.

Featuring:  A beautiful shade of lilac – SIMPLE SWEET (6P0156) from Berger’s Colour Catalogue

Lilac coloured kids room

Colour idea: Lilac is one of the best paint colors for kids rooms. It is both gender-neutral and a shade soft enough to grow with kids. Add bright colours and contrasts through linens, toys and accessories.

Décor guide: Bunk bed is a valuable asset, freeing up the floor space, making room for kids to indulge in their other interests. During bedtime, it also gives children visual privacy from each other. If the kids are too young, you can create a shared play area. For example – A canopy allows for fun playtime together, fostering imaginative play.

Featuring: A vibrant shade of orange – FIELD OF FLOWERS (2A0378) from Berger Colour Catalogue

Bright Orange coloured kids room

Colour idea: When it comes to kids room paint colors, orange is a good choice. Orange walls exude strong happy vibes, radiating joy and energy. You can see the room come alive with this bold colour in the picture seen above.

Décor guide: When it comes to a shared room, it is necessary to have private spaces, especially if the children are tweens or in their teenage years. You can layout the room symmetrically with a division in the middle to avoid any possible quarrels. Designate two separate shelves for books, trophies and treasures to define territory. A bed with pull-out drawers gives extra storage, perfect if lacking enough closet space. Matching bedspreads and furniture can work well if the children share similar tastes.

If the kids have different preferences, they can personalise their side of the bed with their artwork.

Featuring:  A soothing shade of salmon pink – MARBLE TINT (6P0171) from Berger Colour Catalogue

Salmon Pink coloured kids room

Colour idea: One of the best paint colors for kids room is salmon pink. This shade serves as the perfect backdrop in a kids room, creating a calm atmosphere.

Décor guide: Colourful cubbies not only work as excellent storage options for toys, clothes, books, stationery, helping keep stuff out of sight without much effort but also add style to the room.

Featuring:  A mellow shade of blue – SERENE THOUGHTS (5P1082) from Berger Colour Catalogue

Blue coloured kids room

Colour idea: Going for pastels is one of the most interesting kids room paint color ideas. Pastel blue walls serve as the perfect backdrop, ideal for study-time as the colour is believed to help children concentrate better and boost productivity.

Décor guide: Room divider is the ultimate design solution for dividing a room for growing kids, offering a quicker and cheaper solution than permanently altering the structure of the room. With wooden dividers, you can choose to paint them in the same wall colour, as seen in the image above.

Final Thoughts

More kids in a room means messier the room! Prepare to have stubborn stains and smudged fingerprints on the walls but don’t lose your sleep thinking about how to tackle the mess. Choosing Berger Easy Clean Fresh can free you from such worries as these marks can easily be wiped clean. Thanks to its Cross-Linking Polymers technology, you are left with only spotless, beautiful walls.

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