Wall Colour Ideas

Homes give us the creative license to extend our personality into our own space. Even the tiniest nook and corner can be spruced up according to the needs and tastes using the right colours and décor elements. For example, to create a rich and royal look for the house, metallic shades that resemble expensive jewels and metals have been used for a long time. Metallic accents work well with both neutral and bold palettes and you can make it work for any room in the house.

From gold and silver to brass, copper and rose gold tones, you can add a touch of metallic hues on the walls of your home for a luxurious look. In fact, there are unlimited possibilities with metallic colours shades. Here are some ways to create a dream home using metallic accent walls.

For the past several years, interior designers have been having lots of fun with adding touches of rose gold, satiny silvers and other metallic hues to home interiors, for a dose of lustre and sense of grandeur. Just a touch of glittering metal can reflect light and open up a space instantly. You can use it as feature walls in living areas, hallways and bedrooms as it is quite popular to have feature walls in home decorations.

For a home with a colour scheme like beige, you can create an accent wall using Whipped Cream from Silk Illusions Metallica range of Berger Paints India in a jewel tone like rose gold. It is bound to introduce a sense of luxury to the whole room and balance the starkness of beige. It is a great choice as it also works well in all kinds of settings, adding a soft touch.

In homes that have deep-toned walls like coffee brown, chocolate, charcoal, slate grey, deep tan, dark sage, burnt orange or yellow, a design like Sprinkle in metallic gold from Berger’s Silk Illusions Design Metallica range can help to create a high-interest space with a royal feel. For the best effect, you can paint all the walls of the room using a colour that you like and use gold alongside it. Don’t overlook the colour of the flooring and textiles in the room while sprucing up your walls.

You can add major glamour to your home with a metallic shade of bronze. How about having olive green walls that are evocative of nature alongside bronze accent wall? Don’t be afraid to divide your wall in half and flaunt two colours on a single wall. It is sure to have an eye-catching effect. The design Flora from Berger’s Silk Illusions Design Metallica range will serve as a picture-perfect colour companion.

Floral Texture

Copper has undertones that give it a warm look. A luscious shade of copper is perfect to give rooms that extra sheen. The metal is suitable to create a cosy home atmosphere. You can choose copper for outdoor feature walls if you are looking for a wow-worthy impact.

You can also look at silver for your favourite walls. You can create a lustrous look in any living space with silver as it instantly adds radiance to any room. Silver brings a luminous finish to walls with a shimmering richness that adds luxury. You can create a subtle, textural finish using Moon Rock, a metallic silver design from Berger’s Silk Illusions Design Metallica range in your bedroom. You can instantly set the tone of your bedroom to peaceful with this metallic hue. So, how about kicking it up a notch with a cool tone of silver? Also, if your rooms are tiny or you want to create an open, airy atmosphere, you can go with the cooling touch of silver.

You can also add a well-thought accent wall in silver with dominant shades of blue to keep it classy. For more ideas, opt for a shade like violet as the dominant shade and complement it with a silver accent wall. Violet hues will allow a metallic colour such as silver to shine, creating a shimmery and contrasting look. Your eyes are sure to be drawn towards the walls.

Pastels open up a Pandora’s Box of wall decor possibilities. They usually come across as soft and delicate, so you may want to make sure your design calls for a similar mood if you want to use a colour combination involving pastel shades.

If you are looking for classic wall colours, how about thinking of combinations that work well? Minty green and pink can create a cool and inviting look. How about using mint green on three walls of your room and creating one accent wall of rose gold that is loved for its flattering pinkish hue? It will breathe glamour and luxury into your living space. You can try Whipped Cream from Berger’s Silk Illusions Metallica range for an understated yet glam look.

Who said accent walls have to be limited to living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms? You can have a metallic accent wall right near your stairway!

For those who don’t fancy accent walls, you can opt for pops of metallic shades in your living space. For instance, you can add pops of gold accents to your staircase or entryway. Looking for a colour combination that is guaranteed to look good together? Picture your staircase with gold accents set off with rich, deep shade of purple. The beauty of gold will add an element of luxury to the space. You can achieve the look easily with a coat of metallic wall paint from Berger’s Silk Illusion range – it has the look and feel of real gold!

To wrap up, adding touches of metallic hues on the walls can make a world of difference. In fact, the scope with metallic hues is as wide as your imagination can run! Metallic hues can create an inviting atmosphere in your home as it has the ability to radiate happiness, striking the perfect balance between cosy and classy. So, get ready to take these design ideas to the next level and execute them in your home.

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