Pink Colour Wall Paint

Pink is connected with youthfulness, pleasure, and wellness—all qualities that are part of what it is to be human. You can paint the bedroom walls in a blend of pink and other colours, one of the most contemporary, advanced interior design trends. Pink, as you already know, is the most used colour for bedrooms for ages.

Pink is a colour often linked with femininity. Still, according to the study of colour psychology, there are other meanings connected with pink, like love, compassion, contentment, friendship, and even tranquilly. As a result, pink and other vibrant colours are becoming a more popular colour combination for rooms, making the pink colour combination the go-to option for any modern look. 

Try Berger Express Painting to give your bedroom a new look with pink wall colour combination ideas.

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  • Significance of pink two colour combination for bedroom walls according to Vastu
  • How To Create a pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls?
  • Top 11 pink two colour combinations for bedroom walls
  • Innovatively Use pink two colour combination for bedroom walls 
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Significance of Pink Colour Combination for Bedroom According to Vastu  

Pink Colour Wall Paint

According to Vastu, pink is a cheerful colour for happiness and innocence and is the best colour for bedroom walls. Pink hues are considered a wonderful bedroom colour combination recommended for rooms facing south and southwest.

Every house can benefit from the love, and affection, the pink colour symbolises. According to Vastu, the best master bedroom colour for someone who is married or in a steady relationship is pink or light red since it strengthens your relationship with your partner and helps prevent disputes.

According to Vastu, you should consider all your options while selecting a colour combination for a bedroom and Berger Wall Paint Colours have every shade you are looking for. You may relax knowing that pink is Vastu-compliant if that’s your favourite colour. 

Pink is a vivid colour that conjures up thoughts of love, joy, creating memories, and a sense of community. Pink bedroom colour schemes produce a tranquil atmosphere. One interesting method to incorporate this colour into your area is to paint your bedroom walls different shades of pink. 

When choosing the perfect Vastu colours for the main bedroom, you can also brighten your house by adding flowers in complementary hues.

How To Create a Pink Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls?

Simple Style Bedroom Pink Design

Pink is a colour that generally goes well with other colours. Pink usually goes with the colours like purple, red, and white. With this variety of Interior Wall Paints, you can achieve the pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls for 2022. 

If your entire bedroom is pink, it will discomfort your eyes, be uncomfortable to look at, and look out of place in a bedroom. Because of this, it is necessary to utilise a distinct colour as a neutral for the primary colour, notably pink.

Create Bedroom Theme

You may alter wall colour combinations for the bedroom to match your preferences and personality. The colour scheme of pink is excellent for adult and teenage girls’ bedrooms.

If you want to add oomph to your bedroom wall paint, the patterned pink colour, such as the pink flower pattern, is ideal. While kids who are devoted to their favorite characters would benefit more from the pink colour scheme. Barbie and Hello Kitty are two figures that share a pink coloration.

Furniture Colour and Arrangement

The arrangement of suitable furniture is essential for creating a beautiful space. We advise that you should buy enough furniture that seems fairly practical. Additionally, the furniture’s colour must coordinate with the style of the space or bedroom wall colour.

Furniture is the main element in furnishing a space, especially a bedroom. Furniture colours like beds and cabinets can be chosen, combining pink and other complementary colours. Use pink accessories in your bedroom, such as a pink bed frame and wardrobe, pink cushions, and a pink rug. To create an eye-pleasing colour scheme, arrange these elements in the proper sequence.

Top 11 Pink Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

two colour combinations for bedroom walls

The most common pink colour combinations for bedroom walls are listed below.

Pink and Red

These paint colours for bedrooms work well together to enhance a variety of interior styles. They complement one another beautifully; add a bit of black and white for a more dramatic wall paint colour combination. The contrast between a vibrant pink wall and a plush red velvet bed is intriguing. A grounding contrast is added by contrasting it with black, white, and red paintings.

Pink and Brown Hue

With feminine pink walls and patterns, you can brighten the appearance of a dark brown sofa. The two warm colours work beautifully together and are the best bedroom interior colours when contrasted with clean white walls. This living room’s cushions, framed pieces of art, and furniture upholstery all include variations of pink.

Pink and Grey

The Grey and pink colour combination for bedroom is the best, provided the tones are kept mild. Grey bed sheets look lovely draped over blush pink blankets, like this lovely design from Dusk.

Pink and orange

Pink and orange are the best bedroom two colour combination idea, and they complement each other nicely because of their proximity to the colour wheel, which makes for a vibrant colour clash.

Rose pink and Yellow

A pink wall colour combination makes a beautiful, vibrant addition to a traditional yellow room. The colour yellow may be quite subdued and soft in the room. Although it has a polished, professional appearance, the pink accent highlights your more daring side. It looks fantastic when you add strong yellow accent pieces to a space predominantly adorned in pink.

Light pink and Purple

It’s astonishing how many various ways you can use purple and light pink wall paint together. For example, you could combine lavender and hot pink, keep both hues subdued for a soft, romantic effect, or shift the pink toward peach for a slightly different aesthetic.

Pink and Green

Pink and green are popular colours that frequently appear in contemporary home design ideas. Because this pink colour combination for wall provides a feeling of equilibrium, these two colours blend nicely together. While olive green tones maintain the pink grounded and earthy, pink softens and warms up a green tone.

Pink and Bright white

White and pink combine beautifully to provide a clean and stunning design. With the white providing simplicity, the pink’s boldness is truly given for the room to shine. It’s a flexible mix that goes well with everything from soft pinks and white to a strong fuchsia.

Pink and Black

Any pink colour combined with black quickly banishes any sweetness and creates a chic, ominous house wall colour combination. A little black will bring depth and drama to an entirely pink room. Pink and black work together because it counteracts the lively, fun energy that pink frequently gives to a space.

Fluorescent pink and Blue

Fluorescent Pink and blue go well together not because they are complementary colours (although they make a triad when yellow is added), but rather because they are perceived as opposites in their respective nature.

Pale pink and Blue

Although mixing blue with pink may seem daring, this combination demonstrates that opposites may attract. In a pink living room, the soft, subdued pinks and deep navy blues, along with the significant amount of off-white, make a really quiet, relaxing atmosphere. However, you may also tone it down.

Innovatively Use Pink Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

living room

When we suggest pink, two colour combinations for bedroom walls, we don’t mean just painting the walls pink. Here are a few trendy examples of room colour ideas or bedroom colour ideas you may use creatively to implement this trend.

Pink Texture

Consider orange peel, grunge, stimulated, smooth, matt, grainy, and other textures.

Pink Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster on the wall gives the interior character without being overly loud.

Pink Brick Walls 

Pink Brick Walls gives your place a more beautiful feel. As an accent wall, a single wall with a brick pattern looks fantastic.

Pink Marble Texture

Pink Marble Texture is also quite effective on walls, especially with calming hues that complement the room’s overall design.


These have a way of adding life to walls, and you can use anything from a geometric design to a slap brush approach to get a beautiful result.


A bedroom with walls painted in two shades of pink has a soothing effect. Pink is one of the best bedroom colours that complement a variety of interior design themes, including vintage, modern, minimalist, Grecian, Victorian, Scandinavian, and more.

When matching pink colour tones, remember that brighter tones provide a feeling of space. In comparison, darker tones create the impression of a smaller area. It will help to consider the adaptability of pink wall paints in your bedroom scenery and design before choosing any colour shade. It would also help if you also researched your bedroom interiors properly. 

Also, look into the significance of the rustic cabinet works in your room when deciding whether to use glass as part of the room’s décor. All these elements contribute to how your bedroom will look, so choosing the appropriate pink tones and complementary colours for the space is crucial.


Which colours to avoid in a bedroom with pink two-colour combinations?

Stay away from candy pink if your furniture is brown. The bedroom may have a contrast if two paint colours are used effectively. Dark colours make a room look smaller, whereas light colours provide the impression of space. Use light pink decorations and wall paint to create a calming bedroom.

What are the few shades of green that go well with pink in the bedroom?

Choose a brighter colour palette with an emerald or olive green and more vivid pink, or go soft and understated with sage green and pastel pink. This pairing has gained enormous popularity. Because these hues are complementary and sit opposite on the colour wheel, the stark contrast gives the image a vivid appearance.

Can I paint the furniture pink to match the pink walls in the bedroom?

No, it’s not always essential to paint the furniture the same shade as the walls because it might make the room appear monotonous or overwhelming.

What colour accessories work best in a pink two-tone bedroom?

Purple and pale pink make a great colour combination that makes a statement and is a smart two-colour combination for bedroom walls. Instead of choosing darker purples for accessories, use royal purple or light purple to blend with pink walls.

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