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Looking for paint combinations to liven up the living room? Get ready to discover our personal favourites.

The living room is where you hang out with your close ones, sit back and relax. We think this experience can be enhanced with the right colours as the backdrop.

However, when presented with a paint chart as long as your arm and an endless sea of choices of colours, it is natural to be confused and you can often find it challenging to pick a colour combination.

In fact, you may have even found a paint colour you liked, but had no idea what to pair it with. To tackle this issue, we have done our homework and rounded up the most popular living room colours for you to explore.

living room wall painting

Trendy Living Room Colour Ideas For Picture Perfect Look  

When designing your living room, keep in mind the fact that it needs to ooze energy, because that is the place that will usher you in. So here are some living room colour ideas that you may like. 

  • Blue and its varied shades can create a soothing atmosphere – pale blue, navy and the likes. You can have paint colour combination, or insert more shades with accents and upholstery.  
  • Green tones exude freshness, and complement well with natural wood, giving you much liberty to play around with the accessories and furniture.  
  • Trending shades of brown are warm and versatile, which can be enhanced with pops of vibrant hues for a touch of whimsy. 
  • Yellow is an all-time happy colour that evokes radiance, brightness and a joyful vibe.  
  • Elegance can be brought with combinations that use grey, perfect for a modern home. But, avoid dark hues as it can seem depressing.

Colour Sample

Effective Tips To Choose Perfect Living Room Colours

Your living room is the one that welcomes guests and makes an impression, hence it is important you the room color a good thought. An extensive palette of living room colours awaits you – warm tones infuse energy and make it cosy, while cool hues introduce calmness. No matter the theme you are after, or the mood you wish to instil in your space, we have put together wall colour combination for your living room

Want to give your home a new look, but still wondering on the living room colour combination? Read on some tips for best colour for living room walls.  

  • Use contrasting colors – Two colour combination for living room can create a cohesive look. Choose a base room colour and add contrasting living room colours. Try a hint of extravagance with gold and silver room colour ideas. 
  • Highlight with accent colours – Create a statement wall with a bold color or textured paint while keeping the rest of the walls neutral. This effect can be achieved by introducing bright accents that will stand out.

Beige wall decor

  • Statement look with multiple colours – Bring out your love for colors with a mxi and match effect rather than restricting to a particular color palette. For a vibrant appearance, go for color popping cushions, bright wallpaper or a carpet – a stunning layered color scheme.
  • Use the color wheel – This is a great way of generating color scheme ideas, which will show you how different tones relate to each other.
  • Sampling – Never ignore this tip. Always sample the paint you want for your walls, because when you are using buckets of paint and putting in hours to do up the house, you want to get it right the first time. 

Top 11 Living Room Colour Combinations Ideas

We understand how important it is to choose the right shade for the living room, as a felicitous colour will set the design scheme. This means, it is wise to go for colourways that you are most drawn to, however, sometimes thinking out of the box might just end up with an energizing living room colours. 

  • Cream and Coral 

The soft coral and peach tones can make quite a statement. When combined with cream, the result is a rich, welcoming hue for living room colour combination.

  • Grey and Beige 

Grey acts as a beautiful backdrop for other shades, and is effortless in lending a warm feeling. You can complete this look with vibrant artwork and accessories that wonderfully tie in the look of greige (grey + beige). 

  • Black and White  

Who says that only bright tones are packed with personality – the classic two tone approach of black and white works wonder when used as a paint colour combination. For a sleek, contemporary look, these are smart living room colours. Use gold accents to enhance the space. Perhaps with accessories!

  • Blue and Grey 

Blue can instantly transform the entire look – bold and soft, the palette of blue in living room colours is an alluring option. These colours seamlessly blend in, and this two colour combination for living room walls can be enhanced with classy woodwork. If you are playing with shades of blue, a few hints of pink or yellow can quirk up the space. 

  • Soft Pink 

This is one of the most versatile living room colours, and works well with a range of other colours. A living room colour combination with pink will seem inviting and warm during the day, and the night will transform it into a cosy space.

home painting image

  • Off-white and Navy 

No matter the décor, undertones of white offer a sophisticated base for living room colour ideas. This paint colour combination of off-white and navy lends personality to the room. Wood or metallic accents, or even the use of wall texture, can introduce an elegant vibe. 

  • Tangerine and White 

With the right designing strategy, tangerine is a lively shade, and with a neutral backdrop of white, you can soften the look. Neutral accents will make this an impressive room colour combination.

  • Teal and White 

A subdued wall paint colour combination, bring home this mid-century look with these classic living room colour ideas. Add in some rustic wooden furniture to complement the scheme.  

  • Yellow and Grey 

Yellow is synonymous to a burst of energy, and grey is the perfect balance that will give the room a sunny touch though subtler.

cheery yellow & Grey Colour Combination

  • Brown and White  

This mid-century look works well with wooden furniture, and accents of gold. But, if you wish to amp up a little, you can add a hint of color with vibrant cushions and a rug. 

  • White and Gold  

This minimalist combination is a hit – elegant and sophisticated, also packed with a luxurious vibe. With an all white living room, insert accents of gold for the ultimate look.

living room wall painting

Go Creative With Living Room Walls 

With variations in living room colour combinations available, throw in some creativity so the space reflects your style and personality.  

Metallic finishesA metallic touch in terms of accents or as hint of ceiling colours for hall, will inject grandeur into your space.  

Accent colours – Sprinkle a dash of brights against soft neutral, and see how the space transforms itself! You can choose what you wish to highlight – think architectural elements in the room, a door, a feature wall, or pieces of furniture.  

The contrast effect – Yes, these are a favourite energetic scheme of energy. Create a contrast effect with living room wall colours or ceiling colours for hall, forming a synchronized design that oozes character.

Living Room Paint Colors tips

Play with brights – For a warm hint, your space can be treated with bright wall paints; yellow or orange being a favourite. You can combine these with a subtler shade and still find these to be the focal point.  

Keep it neutral – Creating a neutral room colour combination means making it cosy. Make the most of this look with all things neutral, and punctuate with natural wooden furniture for timeless appeal. 

Get Estimate with Berger Paints  

With the Berger Paints Calculator, it is easy to determine the amount of paint you will need, and will give you an estimate accordingly. And, if you are struggling with best colors for living room, the colour palette will give living room colour ideas to choose from, with express painting options.


1. What are the colours to avoid for living room?  

Neons, too many high contrast colours, violet, are some of the living room colours you may want to avoid to steer clear of an overpowering look.

2. Which colour gives positive energy in living room?  

Yellow is one of the most energetic colours that injects a positive vibe into the space.  

3. What type of paint do you use in a living room?  

The satin finish paint does a great job for the living room, offering an evident shine, and is easier to clean.  

 4. How many colors should a living room have?  

It is recommended that you use only three base colours in a living room, however, you can use different shades of the colour by incorporating them in accessories, accents etc.

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