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Looking for paint combinations to liven up the living room? Get ready to discover our personal favourites.

The living room is where you hang out with your close ones, sit back and relax. We think this experience can be enhanced with the right colours as the backdrop.

However, when presented with a paint chart as long as your arm and an endless sea of choices of colours, it is natural to be confused and you can often find it challenging to pick a colour combination.

In fact, you may have even found a paint colour you liked, but had no idea what to pair it with. To tackle this issue, we have done our homework and rounded up the most popular living room colours for you to explore.

MALIBLUE (5D1086) and EARTH WORKS (7D1663) – A stylish blue and brown combination

living room color ideas

When sorting through hall room colour ideas to spruce up your space, a soft blue like Berger’s MALIBLUE (5D1086) can serve as the perfect hue to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Team it up with a shade of brown like EARTH WORKS (7D1663) to induce a feeling of naturalness and warmth in your home. We would say that it is a match made in heaven!

PIANO KEYS (7P1561) and ROSE BOUQUET (1D1980) – A classy beige and red combination

hall room colour

A caramel-toned beige like PIANO KEYS (7P1561) is bound to add richness and personality to the living room. Pair it with a red hue like ROSE BOUQUET (1D1980) for some depth.  A beauty of a colour combination to live with!

SOMETHING GREEN (7P1506) and APRICOT ACRES (2T0635) – A surreal green and apricot combination

hall colour paint

A green shade like SOMETHING GREEN (7P1506) from our Colour Catalogue is versatile, complementing everything it comes in close proximity with. It is a beautiful green, ideal to create a soothing lived-in atmosphere. We recommend that you pair it with a soft shade of apricot such as APRICOT ACRES (2T0635) and watch it weave its magic. We totally love these two hall colors.

TROPIC BREEZE (5P0131) and STEELWORK (8T0350) – A trendy teal and grey combination

paint colour combination

Teal is a colour that is soothing and uplifting at the same time. Take a look at this captivating hue like TROPIC BREEZE (5P0131). It can surely get you dreaming about repainting your living room right away. Simultaneously, an intriguing shade of grey like STEELWORK (8T0350) can serve as its perfect match, working in wonderful contrast. Bring the colour duo together and you are sure to create “living room goals!”

There is no reason why your living room cannot look its best. We hope you are inspired enough to take the plunge with these hall colour paint and combinations. You can check all the colours mentioned in this article in Berger’s Colour Catalogue.

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2 Replies to “Colour Combinations for a Picture-Perfect Living Room!”

  1. Inkube says: February 24, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    This colours combination look rich and simple. Can you make another one?
    For sharing.

    1. admin says: March 2, 2021 at 1:19 pm

      We are happy to know that you found our suggestions interesting. For more such delightful wall colour combinations, you can check out this section of our website:

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