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While creating your house is a beautiful experience, it can also be intimidating. Trying to strike the appropriate balance of form and function is complex. Whatever your approach, the large picture and the minute details are both vital. Here are some designer-approved home decor ideas to inspire you as you create your dream house, from selecting the correct furniture to finding the perfect colour palette.

Things to consider before starting a home decor

Home Décor with Purple and Black

  1. It is usually a good idea to start with a plan and a general idea of what your living room should look like. It will be helpful during the decorating process. Every successful project has a strategy and a plan, and the same should be done here.
  2. Before choosing the design of your room, you should conduct extensive research. Look through some magazines or catalogues, or better yet, surf Berger blogs and look for the designs, colours, or styles you desire.
  3. Lighting is critical to the success of your decoration. It does create a pleasant atmosphere. It adds to the room’s shine and glitter while also making our spirits sparkle and glitter.
  4. Choosing the proper furnishings is as essential as breathing for our bodies. Following the selection, adequate placement of the furniture is also critical.
  5. It is also critical to utilize the appropriate curtains. If the curtains are not properly hung, your efforts may appear to be a flash in the pan. Generally, choose drapes that complement the colour of the furnishings. So, please don’t throw it all away at the last minute due to a single blunder.

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Decor 


  • Change Things Up Often In Your House.
  • Declutter.
  • Use The Maximum Amount Of Natural Organic Materials.
  • Use Plants.
  • Always Remember Scale And Proportion.


  • Don’t Match Textiles & Furniture Sets.
  • Avoid Saving Money On Curtain Fabric.
  • Never Place Furnishings Against A Wall.
  • Prevent Clutter.
  • Avoid Buying Impulse.
  • Don’t Care About The Architectural Details.

Renovating your old Home Decor

It might be challenging to recreate the atmosphere of an old house with contemporary building techniques and interior decorating. But remodelling an old home may be difficult, expensive, and exhausting. Here are some of the top suggestions & tactics you may apply to make your house look authentic and beautiful if you’re wondering how to remodel an old property. These interior design suggestions can significantly increase how attractive your home is. Find out by reading on:

Use of Mirror to enhance Natural Light

Another fantastic approach to enhance the natural light flow in your home is with mirrors. Mirrors’ ability to reflect light increases the amount of outside light that enters a room. Consider placing a mirror opposite a small window to watch how the amount of light in the space doubles.

Curvy furniture images for home décor

Get Inspired By Nature

Knowing how you genuinely feel when you enter the house will help you grasp reality. Happy, ecstatic, sorrowful, or motivational? One finds peace only at home in this age where mental chaos doesn’t take a day off, and a busy schedule waits for you to commit suicide. Likewise, the natural world. When you strive to make the interior of your home look exactly like the exterior, a serene and pleasant atmosphere is created.

Install New Lighting

If you didn’t know, overhead lighting plays a significant role in interior design. Homeowners may overlook the overhead lighting in the kitchen and bathroom when planning a remodel. A skilled general contractor will remind you that overhead lighting, such as a pendant or chandelier lighting, can give your project “that something.” Whatever you decide, make sure it blends in with the rest of your aesthetic.

Festive Décor Lighting Images

Vintage Architecture

A “vintage décor” is an interior design style that draws inspiration from the past, especially the best characteristics of a particular era. A vintage design might be connected to a location (such as Rajasthan, Maharashtra, or Kerala) or even certain architectural styles, like Indo-Saracenic (Indo-Gothic or Mughal-Gothic). It can also have a British, French, or colonial design for a more universal appearance. A local historical style may be referred to as ethnic by some, although it is vintage décor.

Play with Bold Colour

Bold paint colours in soft tones will feel more calming to the eye. Additionally, confine the colours you’ve picked to a powder room or other tiny area to gauge your dedication to them. Try out different throws, pillows, and bedding if you still want to go all out. Adding a statement piece of accent furniture in a bright colour or style can instantly brighten a room. Get the colour of your choice with Berger Interior Paint Product Finder now!

Use Different Patterns (Mix Patterns and Prints)

We understand that incorporating several patterns into your design plan can be overwhelming. It is recommended to mix prints with various scales and styles when stacking patterns. The latter is really significant. The room’s dominant way, usually a rug with a vibrant design, establishes the tone for the remaining decor. Then, additional layers of smaller-scale complementing or contrasting patterns give visual interest. Accent pillows, throws, furniture, and curtains are examples.

Spruce up Your Entryway

Use these suggestions to enhance entryways-

  • Include Chic Hooks.
  • Develop a Key Drop.
  • Include a Robust Runner.
  • Display a Bold Fixture.
  • Let in some daylight.
  • Change to Neutral Shades.

Set up a small library

Even though we live in a digital age, nothing beats holding a good book in your hands. And we want to display our favorite books in a welcoming, individual, and exceptional setting. Home libraries are more private than public and university libraries, which are frequently large and plentiful (but not any less gorgeous). A trendy focal point like a fireplace, desk, or warm sitting space keeps things as exciting as the books on the bookcases. The room can be formal and elegant or colourful and cozy.

Paint Your Floors

You can transform the appearance of your home by installing new flooring or painting the floor in addition to other renovations. You may design vivid, imaginative settings by painting a floor with various paints.

Floor painting Image

Reasons to Paint Your Home

The Top Reasons to Paint Your House Inside and Out are as follows:

  • Your home’s real estate value rises as a result. Painting your house’s walls, trim, and other surfaces inside and outside will raise its overall real estate value. This aids in the assessment of your assets and may aid in resale.
  • It encourages good indoor air quality.
  • It also minimises the amount of dust and dirt. Maintaining painted interior walls and other surfaces can help keep dust and filth at bay, especially in homes with plaster walls.
  • It Conceals stains and permanent marks. The homeowner can conceal stains or blemishes that have proven impossible to remove by painting the house’s interior and exterior walls, trim, and other surfaces.
  • As unbelievable as it may sound, occasionally altering your home’s interior and exterior colours can also alter how you feel about it and the surroundings in which you live. Paint that is light or white enlarges small areas and rooms. Bright colours may add joy and vibrancy to a family or playroom. Whereas a bedroom can become calming and inviting by using pastels. And bedroom renovations might give a teen a sense of maturity.


Every piece of home decor should be carefully chosen, whether installing new kitchen cabinetry or picking throw cushions for your master bedroom. Each space should adhere to your colour scheme. Everybody deserves to live in their ideal home, and home furnishings may make that happen. Every area in your house can be decorated using a variety of frugal concepts. Buying a few pieces and concentrating on one place at a time is the simplest way to get started. Keep in mind that white paint will amplify small spaces. Thus, take your time and trust your instincts; interior design and decorating should be enjoyable.

So, don’t hesitate to try out the Home Painting ideas that suit your style with Berger Interior Wall Paints now!


Which paint is best for home decor?

If you’re trying to decide which paint will work best for the interior of a home, think about emulsion. It is one of the most well-liked paint colours for houses. Since it is primarily water-based paint, it does not have an odour problem.

What is the most popular interior paint colour combination trend?

Warm neutrals, pale pastels, calming blues, and greens that ranged from light and understated to spectacularly dark make up the colour palette of 2022. Each colour was chosen for its affinity with nature and propensity to promote serenity and optimism.

What are the recent home decor trends?

  • Warm hues.
  • Curves Replace with Curved Lines.
  • Bold wall coverings.
  • Limits on statements.
  • Nature is brought within.
  • Colour-only palette.
  • Adaptable Spaces.
  • Nouveau Design

Why is paint important in interior design?

Your home may have a flow if you choose the proper paint colour throughout, making the transition between each room and living area seem effortless. Selecting the appropriate wall finishes and colours may give your space vitality. A home can feel a little lifeless if no colour, texture, or pattern is present.

What are the best home decor items?

  • Wall shelves
  • Mirrors.
  • Figurines.
  • Planters and pots.
  • Wall paintings and artwork.
  • Lights & Lamps.

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