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These colours will make your small bedroom seem larger than life.

When it comes to small bedrooms, along with setting the right layout and furniture, paint choices can also have a huge impact. Certain paint colours have a way of making a space look more open and expansive than it is whereas other paint colours are ideal to make a room more cosy.

It is true that light colours open up a room and create an illusion of more space. However, for small bedrooms, light colours are not the only option. While light colours reflect light, making your space feel more airy and open, dark and bolder colours help create a perception of depth, which can also make a room look larger than it actually is.

But the question really is- light or dark? Contrary to popular belief, more and more home decorators are now shunning the traditional belief that only light colours work for small rooms. Choosing the right colours for a bedroom can be confusing, we get it. But worry not! We have put together 10 best wall colours for small bedrooms that are larger than life. We have also curated a list of colour combinations for each colour along with colour recommendations from our Colour Catalogue. Here it goes:

bedroom colour paint

An accent grey like charcoal, pearl or graphite, paired with soft and crisp whites can lend a classy, elegant feel to a small bedroom. If the room has natural light coming in, this colour choice will definitely shine! Not too many windows? Opt for an accent wall in rich grey and blend it with rich brown furniture, over-sized mirror and sleek lighting solutions to give a modern, chic look.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Dolphin Bay (8T1805), Silver Plume (8T1796), Industrial Steel (8P1802)

Colours to Pair with Grey: Yellow, Dusty Pink and White

bedroom wall colour

It sounds counterintuitive but if you paint a small room dark and add light furniture, it tricks you into thinking the room is not only bigger but has more natural light. Painting a tiny room in a dark colour like teal camouflages the fact that it is small. A deep blue creates a perception of depth which will make the room seem bigger. The smaller the space, the darker you can go. A good rule of thumb to follow is to add limited doses of dark colours. An accent wall, perhaps behind the bed, can work wonders.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Newport (5D1039), Blue Frisbee (5D2243), High Country Twilight (5D1047)

Colours to Pair with Teal: White, Coral and Brown

Mint Green
green wall colour

A fresh hue like mint green radiates cheerful energy. With its brightening capacity, versatility and general freshness, it is a beautiful colour for small bedrooms. Creamy neutral decor and a subtle pop of colour with a blue throw add to a beachy vibe. That contrast is key to make a small space feel dynamic. Because of its gentler quality, it may appeal to colour averse people or anyone who prefers sophisticated colour palettes.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Mint Tea (4P0090), Aqua Moon (4P0116), Lazy Lake (4P0110)

Colours to Pair with Mint: White, Brown and Soft Sage 

Sunshine Yellow
Yellow Wall Colour

Brighten your bedroom by working yellow into the palette. This warm, versatile colour adds an instant ray of sunshine, making the room look spacious and filled with light during the warmer month. Try shades like amber, lemon, ochre or mustard- they are the right mix of mellow and bold.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Yellow Zodiac (3A0388), Flower Power (3D2079), Sweet Honey (3T0731)

Colours to Pair with Yellow: Light Grey, White, Brown

Sea Blue
Blue wall Colour

Nothing soothes in a bedroom like a calming shade of sea blue. This soft colour can help your space feel more expansive and make you feel more relaxed for a sweet slumber. Add in rich textiles, gold accents and a comfortable rug, as seen here and you will have a very airy and light room. Sea blue is incredibly muted and great choice for modern or minimalist bedrooms that need just a hint of colour.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Lake of Swans (5P1137), Cloud-Wisped Sky (5P1138), Sky Lift (5P0140)

Colours to Pair with Sea Blue: Silver, Cream and Dark Blue

Emerald Green
Emerald green wall Colour

For a small bedroom, a rich green shade like emerald will make the room look cosy and snug instantly. For example, in this modern bedroom, a rich, dark backdrop against the bed gives an essential pop to the room to make it more dynamic.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Brazil Green (4D2150), Spearmint Drop (4D2157), Deep Green Forest (4A0268)

Colours to Pair with Emerald Green: White, Gold, Mocha

best bedroom colors

A super-soft shade of lilac adds warmth to a room without overpowering it. Just like the bloom, lavender or lilac creates a calming effect and is one of those dreamy colours that will impact your mood positively. For a small bedroom, pair it with neutral shades like beige and white for the ultimate comfy area.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Lobelia (5P0149), Great White (5P0148), Water Willow (5P0297)

Colours to Pair with Lilac: White, Grey, Rose Quartz

Earthy Beige
bedroom colour design

This is for everyone who doesn’t want basic white but isn’t ready to add too much colour in their bedroom. This colour is great for a small space with lots of natural light. It adds depth with subtle starkness. If you have a busy mind or hectic schedule, choose neutral colours for a relaxing night’s sleep. Because neutrals can become too muted, tie in complementary wall colour combinations like green, grey or mint.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Rock Salt (7P0186), Mineral White (7P0190), Warm Shawl (7P0341)

Colours to Pair with Beige: Green, Grey, Mint

Dusty Pink
two colour combinations for bedroom walls

Dusty pink is a calming colour for a small bedroom. A soft shade of pink adds warmth to a room without overpowering it. For two colour combinations for bedroom walls, pair it with greys and greens to add contrast and depth, further creating an illusion of space.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Pale Cameo (1P0021), Earnest Pink (1P0028), Rising Pink (1P0317)

Colours to Pair with Pink: Grey, Green, Yellow

Crisp White
white wall Colour

There is a good reason why white is at the very end of this list. Not because it is not a good choice for small bedrooms but because it is the one colour everyone turns to for small bedrooms. White walls tend to make small rooms look bigger and create the ideal soothing atmosphere for busy minds. However, an all-white bedroom can be boring so think about including accent pillows, rugs and furniture in the mix.

Berger Colour Recommendation: Fabulous White (7P0185), Easter Lily (8P1801), Wisps of Clouds (8P1833)

Colours to Pair with White: Yellow, Green and Violet.

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  1. Sivasis Mandal says: June 2, 2021 at 3:05 pm

    Liked very much this post ! Thanks ..
    Kindly let me know the actual colour (with code number) used in the room picture under ‘Crisp White’ section out of the recommended colours i.e., Fabulous White (7P0185), Easter Lily (8P1801), Wisps of Clouds (8P1833).

    1. admin says: June 3, 2021 at 11:37 am

      Hello! We are glad to see that this article has inspired you! The picture used under the ‘Crisp White’ section can be recreated using these colours from Berger’s Colour Catalogue: Fabulous White (7P0185), Easter Lily (8P1801), Wisps of Clouds (8P1833)

      If you need more colour advice, you can speak to our Colour Experts by calling our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030 or sending an SMS ‘XP’ to 56767.

  2. Chaparral says: July 8, 2021 at 9:18 am

    Thank you so much for sharing a great article. Kindly let me the perfect color combination with (color code) for our kid’s bedroom. Lots of good ideas, thanks so much for sharing.

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