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Get a jump on the greenery trend by refreshing your home with a healthy dose of green paint colours.

 Spending time in nature always leaves us feeling rejuvenated. Whether it is taking a walk to clear your head or stopping to smell the flowers, getting outside is a great way to feel better. But due to the recent restrictions to curb the spread of the second wave of the pandemic, stepping outside might not be a good idea. However, it is observed that the feel-good effect is not limited to forests or mountains that may be far away. Research suggests that even incorporating more green in your home can have a similar effect.

By simply just adding the colour green to your walls, it is entirely possible to feel a connection with nature and conjure feelings of peace and lushness of the summer garden or a grassy countryside. These five green colour schemes for wall painting are unique in their own way and will help you feel connected to the outside world whilst spending time indoors:

 Dark green paint colours

green wall colour combination

From deep forest greens to rich olive tones, dark green paint colours can make a bold impact, turning a room into a lush nature retreat. Since dark green is so prevalent in nature, it brings a sense of calm to a space where we seek comfort such as a bedroom or meditation room. In times of turmoil, it can provide a therapeutic feeling.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Lush Forest (4A0414), Tree Hugger (4A2151), Blade of Grass (4A0944)

Grey-green paint colourswall painting

We can see right off the bat that a grey-green colour speaks of natural stone and freshness of soothing herb gardens. This hue is a great alternative to white and grey paint, adding a touch of depth and personality. Soft hued grey-green is one of the best colours to complement house plants and subtly bring the outdoors in. Grey-green can feel neutral and sometimes even a little cool, so use it in light filled rooms. It also works wonderfully paired with lots of natural accents like marble and light-coloured wood.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Dreamers (4P0277), Glacier Wall (4P0102), Tropical Wave (4T1027)

Pastel green paint colours

home interior painting

For a splash of colour that still feels neutral, try a pastel shade of green. Imagine opening the door and seeing this cosy spot. Moodier in shadows and bouncier in light, this neutral colour is a perfect addition for transitional spaces.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Elemint (4P0093), Dreamers (4P0277), Green Twig (4P0882)

Green paint colours for exteriorshome exterior painting

Green is one of the best colour options for building exteriors since it merges with the outside and brings in elements of nature. Look at the colours around you and derive inspiration with visual references found outside such as a green from a nearby garden or the lush green grass. You can also pair green with a contrasting colour, as seen here. For home exterior painting, the grey and beige tones work wonderfully for this apartment complex, adding a bit punch of colour with green and blending it with grounding and soothing grey and beige.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Fresh Air (4P0978), Pixie (4P0111), Alpine Glow (4P0120)

Green paint colours for interiors

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to liven up the interiors, especially when the said paint is green. The colour of renewal, green works wonderfully well in home interiors, as seen in the photograph above. Green is more versatile than you imagine, it can turn a space into a serene sanctuary, a vibrant living room or a dramatic bedroom. For home interior painting, from pastel hues to accent shades, there is a green to complement every room and every mood.

Berger Colour Recommendations: Brazil Green (4D2150), Clean Green (4T0963), Alligator Alley (4T0917)

Whatever your choice of green may be, use these inspiring paint and colour tips to bring nature’s lush abundance into your home. Greens are quite adaptable and pair well with many different shades, from soft coral and blush to metallic accents and primary colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment! If you have found a green paint colour that you like, contact our experts for a safe painting experience: 1800 103 6030 (Toll Free number) or SMS ‘XP’ to 56767.

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