Happy Holi

If there’s one festival in India that’s colourful, vivid, and vibrant, it’s definitely Holi! A splash of colour here, a burst of water balloon there, screams of joy everywhere – the spirit of Holi is literally infectious!

With the festival of colours right round the corner, what better way to get into the festive spirit than to give your home a colourful makeover? Besides, it might help you up your Holi party game!

How To Add Colour To Your Home

From funky wall painting ideas to stylish home décor tips, spruce up your house and add a zing to it this Holi.

Create A Focus Wall

bold colour and paints

Got plain, boring home walls? Why not create a focus wall and add character to your house this Holi? Gone are the days when you could choose a single bold colour and paint just one wall with it. Using fun, creative techniques, a focus wall can now be created in several ways:

  • Painting your focal wall in geometrical patterns such as rectangles, honeycombs, checks and circles will make your home look quirky and cool.
  • Textured paints are in! If you check out our Berger Silk Illusions range, you will find a huge variety of patterns and textures – from Moon Rock, Nova and Flora, to Wi-fi, Trance and Rush. These textures come in metallic and non-metallic finishes.
  • Half-and-half wall painting technique too can be used to create a focus wall. To take it up a notch, you can choose two non-traditional wall paint colours and create magic with them.
  • Chevron pattern is another totally funky wall painting idea and you could use it if you have a bold and outgoing personality. It basically is a whole bunch of zigzag lines running across your focus wall. It is up to you to decide whether to pick just one colour or use several to create these lines.

To create this colourful focus wall, you can contact our Berger Express Painting services. By following strict safety and hygiene protocols, our painting professionals ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Use DIY Wall Patterns

Unsure about dedicating an entire wall to create a colourful focal point? You can then opt for our Do It Yourself wall painting range. Our iPaint Wall Stencil Kit, for example, is a cool way to add beautiful patterns on your walls. These user-friendly kits come with various stencil designs, painting tools and colour options. With this kit, you can let your creativity run wild – create a stunning entryway full of patterns, make a cosy nook, paint your passageways… the possibilities are endless!  

Say ‘Holi Hai!’ With Flowers

Holi with Flowers

Since Holi celebrates the onset of the season of colours, spring, you can decorate your house with beautiful flowers. Marigold, lily, gerbera, shevanti (chrysanthemum), carnation, hibiscus, champa (frangipani) and rose are flowers usually used in Indian households during festivals and celebrations. Adorning your house with these will definitely make your Holi party colourful as well as smell heavenly!

Make The Outdoors Colourful Too

Show some love to your balconies and lawns this festive season! While we tend to focus on giving our interiors a makeover, the outdoors often get neglected. By hanging colourful fairy lights, paper decorations and lanterns and by using colourful cushion covers and sheets on your outdoor furniture, you can add beautiful hues to your festivities.

Feeling a little extravagant? Why not give your external surfaces a half and half makeover with striking exterior wall painting ideas from Berger?

Go The Extra Mile With Vivid Furniture

Wood Finishes

With Berger’s specially crafted Wood Finishes range, you can add a dash of colour (and drama, if you like!) to your furniture and fixtures. Here’s what we offer-

  • Imperia Amaze – A luxury wood finish that adds a beautiful shine to your furniture.
  • Imperia Gold – A wood finish that is used to add bright colours to your woodwork. Comes in various variants, namely, White top coats, Clear top coats and Metallic shades.
  • Imperia BreatheEasy – A stunning water-based wood coating product that imparts bright, transparent colours to your furniture.
  • Imperia & Imperia Grande Clear Luxury Polyurethane – Use this versatile and tintable wood finish for your Holi party and leave your guests impressed!

Hope these tips and tricks to give your home a colourful makeover come in handy for your Holi celebrations. With wild, colourful bashes being the dictate, it is hard to stop people from throwing colours and coloured water at you. In this lively chaos, don’t let your walls suffer. Our Berger Easy Clean Luxury Interior Emulsion is a paint created with special cross-linking polymers that make sure that even the most stubborn stains can be wiped or washed off easily from the walls. No daag, no dhabbe, only beautiful walls. And with that, we wish you a happy and radiant Holi! 

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