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Give your home’s exterior a bold new look with half-and-half walls

Painting your home’s exterior can make it instantly stand out in the neighbourhood, whether you’re seeking to spruce up the appearance or try something new. Using a creative colour combination to create a half-and-half look on an external wall could offer another layer of flair to your home. Berger Express Painting will help in choosing the colour combination and completing your house painting to perfection. Here’s how our painting services will give your exterior walls a half-and-half makeover. 

Digital Colour Schemes 

The first step to a perfect paint job is choosing exterior paint colours that match your house’s structural characteristics and fit the character of your community. For instance, maroon on the upper half and light cream on the lower half can make your exteriors look attractive and sophisticated. You can get advice from specialists who know how to balance colour schemes using the XP App. 

Shade Cards are available in the XP App, allowing you to look at different colours and related combinations. It also has a Colour Catalogue with pastel, moderate, dark, and accent hues to pick from. You could also use our Virtual Painter to envision all of the shades in the Colour Catalogue and choose the ones that you think would look best on your walls. 

At-Home Consultation

XP executives come to your home to thoroughly inspect the surface to be painted before beginning any work. Every home painting job is different, which is why experts will take the time to understand the extent of work required to provide you with an exact and detailed estimate. Their inspection also identifies any obvious damage that painters will need to address before applying the paint. Your exterior walls suffer a great deal of wear and tear due to harsh sunlight, rain, pollution and dirt. So, professional painters will ensure thorough cleaning and repair before the paint job begins. 

Paint formulations developed to survive ultra-violet radiation and other weather conditions are accessible to XP painters, which can help keep any paint looking fresh for a long time. XP executives recommend products based on surface type, painting trends, quality, and other factors based on their knowledge of various paints and their purposes.


Berger Paints safety Precautions

Before painting any home, masking and covering is a necessary step. XP painting services painters use waterproof coverings to protect plants, outdoor furniture, and other items from damage whilst painting. They’ll then cover windows, doors, roof edges, and other surfaces with durable masking tape to prevent paint from seeping in. Additionally, painters use XP Health & Safety Kits which come with masks, sanitizers, gloves, caps, and disinfectants. They also maintain social distance and sanitize their equipment on a regular basis to assure your safety.

Surface Preparation

A surface should be cleaned and patched before painting for the paint to stick better and go on more smoothly. A high-pressure water washer is used by professional painters to remove dirt, mildew, and other residues that obstruct paint application. They regulate the water pressure for thorough cleaning without harming the surface. Before applying paint, flaking, peeling, and bubbling paint should all be repaired. Professional painters will use the proper materials to do this as well as seal any cracks, holes, or dents, depending on the severity of the damage. 

Crack Fill Powder is one such option, which has a high degree of elasticity and can thus accept slight crack movement. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and water-based, with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are gases released by some liquids that contain a range of compounds, some of which can have long-term negative health consequences. 

Preparation Coat

Painters from Berger Express Painting services use a primer, sealer, or undercoat to the repaired surfaces before applying premium-quality paint to the outside of your home to achieve a consistent finish. The primer’s job is to provide an adhesive surface for the next layer of paint to adhere to. A sealer can be used in conjunction with, or instead of, a primer to recondition an old surface that is no longer suitable for painting. An undercoat improves adhesion and smoothens out minor defects in rough surfaces. XP painters employ a sealer system including Titanium Dioxide, which acts as both a sealer and a superior undercoat. 

Seal-O-Prime is a great primer for achieving a quality finish. It is the only product on the Indian market with a triple booster formulation that increases topcoat coverage while improving gloss. Its penetrative acrylic polymers reach deep into the pores, giving it exceptional waterproofing abilities.


Using digital equipment, painters will measure and mark the exact height of the wall from the ground up. They will then run a heat resistant masking tape along the marking, making sure it’s even and stays put. They have access to a high-quality multipurpose seal tape that is covered by aluminum film and strengthened with polyester film. Spraying and back-rolling, which takes two workers, is the best approach to paint exterior walls. One person spreads paint across the surface using a sprayer, while the other follows with a roller. 

Using care and specialized gear, XP painters execute an exterior home painting project with the subtlety and technique that only comes with experience. The Airless Paint Sprayer they employ, for example, works with both water-based paints and primers. It allows for rapid application of paint to walls, and because of the minimized overspray, it saves a lot of money on materials.


Berger Express Painting specialists will leave you with a beautiful and clean exterior that is free of overspray and has a uniform colour application throughout. You’ll also rest easy knowing that higher-quality products were utilized to ensure that your paintwork is long-lasting.

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