The colour of royalty is purple. It is the colour of luxury and riches. A contemporary and stylish approach to arranging your room that appeals to adults and children is purple and another colour on the bedroom walls. By experimenting with its varied shades, purple can be used in various ways. You may incorporate the regal hue into various decorating styles and interior wall paints to create a bedroom everyone will adore.

According to contemporary psychology, the brighter tones of purple are associated with romance and lighthearted emotions, whereas the darker shades might represent arrogance, loneliness, and even frustration. However, the predominant associations with purple are spirituality, authority, and majesty.

house paint colors

Whatever the case, purple has become one of the most popular wall colors for bedrooms in recent years, and an increasing number of people are picking purple two-colour combinations for bedroom walls in their houses.

Significance of Purple Colour Combination for Bedroom According to Vastu

Purple is the colour of faith, respect, and trust, according to the Vastu shastra guidelines. When applied to bedroom walls, it can work well. To avoid overwhelming anyone using the space, you must take care not to paint the entire room in this colour.

When utilized as an accent wall, it looks fantastic, and it works best if you can use lighter shades of the colour. Bedrooms benefit from the relaxing effects of lavender and lilac colour schemes or purple combinations for bedroom walls.

How To Create a Purple Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls?

Create bedroom theme

Purple can complement any colour on the colour wheel, from the darker tones to the lightest ones. For the ideal purple two color combination on your bedroom walls, pair purple with consideration for the shade of purple.

Furniture colour and arrangement

White furnishings go well with a purple two colour combination for bedroom walls. Light colored furniture stands out against the dark background giving an aesthetic feel.

Bedroom flooring colour

Choose a flooring colour that can give the best out-of-the-box purple combination for bedroom walls. White flooring is preferred mostly as it can increase your exposure to natural light and can give the most appealing view ever.

Top 10 Purple Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Purple with white pearl

White colour always adds peace and beauty to vibrant or uncommon colour. A timeless colour scheme that ensures your bedroom area has a fair balance of inventiveness and sophistication is purple and pearl white. Your bedroom walls are set off by the stunning contrast between the colour purple and the colour white. With this purple two colour combination for bedroom walls, colour scheme, white mouldings, white furnishings, or contrasting rugs can also work. You can combine purple with other neutrals like grey or beige for a refined, understated style. 

According to the tone of their bedroom, homeowners also experiment with purple colours ranging from lilacs to royal velvet violets. Pray and white are classic combinations that directly avoid monotony when choosing colour schemes for bedroom walls.

Purple with yellow

Utilizing yellow colours to your advantage is key. To create a warm, artistic, bohemian room, homeowners can either try the wonderful gold touches in mouldings and accents with a dark purple or experiment with pastel shades of yellow and purple. 

Imagine what your bedroom walls could look like with the bold purple and mustard colour scheme for elegant effects. Do you want your purple two colour combination for bedroom walls to resemble one of a designer’s display homes?

Purple with grey

The purple two colour combination for bedroom walls colour scheme of purple and grey strikes the ideal mix between cosiness and elegance. While purple adds richness to the palette, grey adds cosiness and sophistication to neutrals, giving the appearance of a snug yet fashionable hideaway in your bedroom. Muted tones are ideal for individuals who don’t want to experiment much. Homeowners can creatively use purple headboards, accessories, or upholstery to breathe some life into a drab room.

Purple with orange

Purple and orange together are a highly popular pairing. Even though they are both striking hues, a pleasant atmosphere can be created by using their more subdued variations. While utilising purple on two of the bedroom’s walls and orange as the centrepiece has long been a popular choice, you can also experiment with a purple two-color scheme for the room’s walls by choosing more muted shades of both colours.

Purple with royal blue

Two dark colours used together can produce outstanding results. A beautiful bedroom wall colour combination is purple and royal blue. Simply using these colours in a room can give it a regal appearance.

Purple with green

This out-of-the-ordinary yet vibrant colour combination creates a dramatic and opulent contrast in your sleeping area. You can experiment with green accents in your area by using a wonderful eggplant purple as your background. If not, add some velvet chairs or ottomans, and your bedroom will appear fit for a king or queen. Plants can also provide a faint hint of green to your pastel violet colours. Plants and climbers can give this bedroom colour scheme a natural and sophisticated touch.

Purple with pink

For purple two colour combination bedroom walls, any shade of purple paired with pink works beautifully. Pink will go well with purple to give your bedroom space personality, whether you choose a royal or a more muted shade. Choose subtle shades of purple and pink to make your space appear modest and classy. 

The opposite is true if you’re trying to balance elegance and vigour: a deeper hue of purple mixed with a soft pink will achieve this. If you are sold on the notion of pinks in your bedroom, we have the exact combinations you’re looking for. Pink colour combinations come in a wide variety. Purple might give your light pink backdrop more personality if employed as furniture and decor elements. Combinations of purple and pink also look well in kid’s rooms since they have the right mix of liveliness and vitality.

Purple with beige

If you want to create a chic and respectable environment in your bedroom, choose a purple and beige colour scheme. As seen in the image above, you can choose a muted shade of purple on a panelled wall, such as a heather tone. 

When the beige colour of the walls is utilised as the main colour in the room, this might be employed as an accent colour. The purple will stand out and receive the prominence it merits in the room thanks to the beige’s understated elegance and simplicity. Use cream-colored floor tiles or a beige rug to keep it appearing polished, and keep furniture to a minimum.

Purple with gold

Gold and purple are two colour choices for the bedroom walls to create a wonderful space. As its name suggests, gold stands for wealth, success, strength, and elegance. Like red, purple is a regal colour for extravagance and splendour. So, pick these hues for your bedroom if you want to live a better life. Consider combining patterns like the one in the image above to create a pleasing design and a combination that works well aesthetically if you feel the gold is too overbearing.

Purple with black

Imagine a bedroom with dark purple and black accents; that combination creates a regal, elegant atmosphere. Similar to darker purple hues, lighter purple hues seem elegant and cosy when matched with black and dark-toned furnishings. Violet and black are a popular colour combination that will take you to a New York condo. This colour scheme should be used if you want areas that feel out of the ordinary and magazine-like.

Innovatively Use Purple Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Purple texture

twirl wall textured paint

Purple walls in a bedroom can often feel a little gloomy, but when you have an opposite wall, it can stand out. Large windows in your bedroom have the extra benefit of making the space appear more beautiful and bright. Purple and white go together well. Consider using purple digital wallpaper on one wall and white paint on the other.

Pink marble texture

One of the timeless materials used for millennia is pink marble. In addition to traditional white marble, other-hued marble variations have gradually gained popularity for flooring, accent walls, accent pieces, and accessories.


There was a period when wallpaper didn’t last for long as required to achieve patterned walls. In the present, paint can be used to create patterns. Modern methods like express painting allow you to choose purple walls with patterns. Your room can appear fantastic with little effort if other colours contrast with purple. Brightness can be increased by painting the ceilings and floors the same colour as the furniture.


If we can’t be purple ourselves, we can use purple two-colour combinations for bedroom walls in our homes to symbolize wisdom, royalty, serenity, mystery, magic, creativity, loyalty, and ambition. Not to mention that the serene, relaxing blue and the strong, passionate red meet at the purple combo wall paint’s intersection, creating a magnificent colour combination, and you can get colour estimate.

The purple wall colour options are probably the most intriguing, despite not being the most noticeable or well-liked colour in the rainbow when it comes to design. Go through the list of Berger wall paint colours for your choice.


Which colours to avoid in a bedroom with purple two-color combination?

It depends on the shade you’re using. For the darker shade of purple, the other colour combinations would be different than lighter shades.

What colour furniture should I have to match the purple walls in the bedroom?

When designing a bedroom, remember that purple looks gorgeous when mixed with grey and white.

Do glitters look good with purple?

Purple is a color that goes well with many different outfits and looks beautiful on everyone. You can combine it with a variety of colors as an eye color to make it stand out. The best course of action is to add a flash of color with only one shade of purple. To give it a blinged-out touch, add glitter.

Will purple and neon colors go well?

Neon Purple adds to the atmosphere, so it goes pretty well.

What color accessories work best in a purple two-tone bedroom?

Orange, green, yellow, blue, and red. That doesn’t imply, though, that other colors, including violet and lilac, won’t also pair very well with various shades of purple. These come in pink, grey, and silver.

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