Home Exterior Walls

Exterior wall paint is the branch of paint that is applied on the outer surface of a building. Naturally, as a result, this paint has to withstand various weather conditions and is made ‘rough and tough as to say.

Exterior wall paints battle inclement weather conditions like extreme sun and rain. Exterior wall paints also need greater longevity as they have to combat mould and colour fading due to extreme sunshine.

Exterior wall paints are required to give protection from moisture and UV radiation. Exterior wall paints also need to resist dew and other abrupt weather changes. Exterior wall paints also give a shine to the building and prevent crumbling. In recent years people have been making bold choices for the popular exterior house colors 2022 like an all-black shade or dusty charcoal.

Home Exterior Walls

Exterior House wall paints Colours 2022 benefits that would Surprise Everyone

Painting the exterior wall of a house has some strong benefits. They are

Enhances its value

Keeping the house fresh and sharp gives a major boost to its aesthetic and otherwise. People find the house attractive and develop a budding admiration for the inhabitants.

A well-maintained house is a symbol of prestige as well.

Protects from natural elements

A house is susceptible to damage from various sources like the whims of weather, dust and insects, and Berger’s best exterior wall paint will protect the home and make the shine live on.

Repairs damage

A good coating of paint also solves bigger issues regarding the exteriors of a house that otherwise are not given much importance. An array of flaws, including mould mildew water stains, can be covered by applying paint.

Choose new trends

Good quality exterior wall paint will always enhance the beauty of our home, and that too within an estimated budget. It enhances the outlook of our home and makes it our point of admiration.

It makes your home look extraordinary.

Exterior wall paint coating of high quality elevates your house to a certain level, gives it an aura, and adds shine. People get attracted and develop a strong liking towards it.

Extends the paint life of the home

A good coat of the best exterior wall paint gives longevity to the new glitter and shine of the house, which is otherwise not achievable.

Top 10 predicted Exterior Wall Paint Colour shades that will dominate in 2022

Peppy citrus

One of the most emerging trends of Exterior wall colours in 2022 is Peppy Citrus. Its soft hues and aesthetic vibes give soft energy and uplifting pull to the house. It is one of the top choices for outside wall paint of the millennials who want their homes to be statements of their personality.

Welcoming Neutrals

In recent years soft neutral shades like earthy brown, clay shades, and earth and stone are becoming popular choices for exterior wall paints for people who have an artistic inclination and want their houses to be projections of their artistic self.

Comforting Earthy Tones

Earthy Toned exterior wall colours perfectly match furniture and are soothing and calming to the soul. This currently popular group of colour includes soft creams, off whites, desert-inspired warm shades, muddied greens, blues and vibrant mineral shades. All these outside wall paint shades participate actively in building a calm atmosphere.

Understated Gray greens

The nature-inspired shade of muddy grey green is an emerging favourite. People are now very health conscious and connect well with colours that support our well-being as health is the real wealth.

Warm terracotta

Terracotta home painting is a rich, warm, versatile tactile orange colour that works well in bohemian, coastal homes and homes with minimal style.

Warm Earthy Neutrals 

In recent years a huge demand has developed for warm earthy neutral shades like earthy brown organic clay shades, earth and stone shades to be applied as exterior wall colour so that the houses blend richly into the environment.

All black Exteriors

Nowadays, people are taking the bold decision of going for an all-out black with the outside wall paint. These all-black exterior paint color trends make any house stand out.

Know how your house’s exterior wall may look with a particular shade or a combination

We can now virtually know how a shade of colour will appear on our walls if applied. This process of virtual painting with a virtual painter removes all our doubts and second thoughts. Be stress-free with the outside wall paint and apply the colour of our choice on the walls and be confident of the final result. The virtual painter is a boon of tech where we can mix two shades of our choice and get a result.



Let your dream home come true. To have a home of one’s own is one of the cherished dreams of man. We all have a  picturisation of the dream home in our head, and the different outside wall paint we choose aid in taking reality as close as possible to the mental picture. The emerging shades and designs will, without a doubt, make our homes stand out.


What are popular exterior colors in 2022?

The popular exterior colors  2022 are

  • Warm Earthy Neutrals
  • All Black Exteriors
  • Dusty charcoal
  • Warm Whites and creams
  • Vibrant greens
  •  Muted Gray-greens
  • Classic Navy

What are the most popular exterior house colors for 2022?

Popular exterior house colors 2022 include:

  • Warm Earthy Neutrals
  • All Black Exteriors
  • Dusty charcoal

What is the colour trend for 2022?

Exterior paint color trends 2022 is Warm, off-white, and cozy colours. Exterior house color trends can further be perfected with the best exterior wall paint from Berger.

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