Waterproofing solutions

If you’re a landlord and have leased flat/flats to tenants, you must be used to frequently painting the house whenever there is a new tenant moving in. Because the paint is peeling and let’s be honest, you want to hide the leakage to fix a good rent for the flat.

But soon come the monsoons, and it is only a matter of time before the walls start showing signs of dampness and soon result in big ugly patches of leakages. Tenants may bring it up, you may tell them that this has never happened before!

We totally understand and empathise with you. You must have definitely tried to find solutions, but only to get duped by temporary solutions like plaster, chuna, chemical treatments and other gyaan that burn a hole in your pocket.

Treating wall dampness problems with a scientific waterproofing solution

What if we told you that we had a scientific, warranty wala solution to make both you and your tenants happy? Berger Home Shield Waterproofing Solutions is the answer. When you book a consultation, our associate will visit your apartment with a gadget called Moisture Meter. This super cool device helps us understand the moisture levels trapped in your walls and suggest appropriate treatment using our wide range of products, for interior and exterior walls and roof waterproofing.

Not only that, the service comes with a warranty that ensures you strong, beautiful walls for years! That means you do not have to worry about painting the flat every year, your tenants do not have to worry about mould or fungus that develop due to damp conditions and no one has to compromise – either on rent amounts or health or aesthetics!

Interested in checking the moisture levels in your house walls? SMS HS at 56767 or Click here and book a consultation today.

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