Tips to prepare your home for the monsoon

The monsoon season is particularly unique in our part of the world. India faces months of lashing winds and torrential rains, with continual wetness and dampness. This brings a set of unique problems for homeowners- leaks, peeling paint, foul odour, damage, pests are a common sight. Your home is a safe haven that protects you from the dangers of the world, regular upkeep is all the more important, especially during unforgiving Indian monsoons.

One of the best ways to prep your home for a long and harsh rainy season is to have complete waterproofing done on all surfaces- roof, internal and external walls. Leakages and seepage are a very common problem that comes up inevitably in most homes during monsoons. Wall dampness and hairline crevices might seem like a problem you can put off for some time but one tiny crack is enough for rain water to seep in and turn your house into an aquarium. A complete inspection of your house to check for any leaks, wall damage or missing loose tiles and shingles will save you a lot of grief. Looking for defects on walls and roof and fixing them in time with wall leakage solutions will ensure your home’s foundation stays strong during seasonal storms and harsh winds. It is important to waterproof the walls every 5 to 7 years but it is a good idea to check them every year before the monsoon season begins to ensure your home is prepared to combat strong winds, dampness and wetness.

Waterproofing and repairing damaged walls and roof requires a scientific approach. Since water can travel within the walls before it finally shows up on the surface, it is difficult to accurately detect the right source of water damage. Just cementing walls and tiles with epoxy cannot solve leakages and dampness. Lack of good quality waterproofing or improper waterproofing will not only damage the interiors but can also cause many health issues for the residents.

Waterproofing is an intensive job and requires the proper skill, experience and tools. In fact, a DIY route for waterproofing may save some cash but often leads to subpar waterproofing results. Today, you will find plenty of easy-to-fix and cheap solutions for waterproofing, which are likely to be carried out without proper diagnosis and based on guess work. This can prove to be more expensive to repair and fix down the road. Identifying problems within the walls requires the right skills and tools. Our experts use Berger Home Shield Moisture Meter to check the dampness levels in walls and provide customised solutions. If the moisture meter reading shows a rating of 0-5, your interior walls show no signs of water damage. If the reading shows 6-25, it could mean mild damage. However, if ignored, it could lead to more severe problems in the future. It is recommended to use Berger Home Shield products like Waterproof Putty, Seal-O-Prime and Wall Shield 2K. If the reading shows a rating of 26-30+, your walls are severely damaged and will require waterproofing at the earliest. It is important to consult our waterproofing experts, especially before the monsoon season begins to prevent further damage. It is recommended to use advanced Berger Home Shield products like Injection Sealer and Dampstop to repair severe wall dampness.

Take a look at this chart that will help give you an idea of the severity of wall damage based on Home Shield Moisture Meter reading and recommended products to use.

Take a look at this chart that will help give you an idea of the severity of roof damage based on Home Shield Moisture Meter reading and recommended products to use.

We at Berger Paints India believe in serving our customers with the best products and services. Our products are of the highest quality and we ensure our waterproofing experts are adept in using the correct mode of application, so that our products stand the test of time and offer long-term results. Following application, we offer performance warranty on the surface wherein the treatment is applied. This way, you can be assured of a high-quality job and long lasting solutions.

By hiring Berger Home Shield experts to take care of your waterproofing, you are ensuring that you get the job done right for the first time. This not only secures your home and saves money on future repairs but keeps the aesthetics of your home looking good for years to come. Wall dampness and leakage issues are common, especially during a heavy downpour, but they don’t have to be. For proper diagnosis and waterproofing solutions, contact the experts. Our professionals will carry out the task of waterproofing right as they have the skill set and tools required for a long-lasting and thorough waterproofing job.

Don’t just simply believe us. Hear it from our customers who have tried our waterproofing solutions and vouch for it.

“Thank you so much for the excellent service provided by your team for painting and waterproofing. Giving after sales service is a challenging job, but your company and contractor acted very fast on a minor post-painting issue and rectified it immediately. I was aware of all the materials and processes used.”- V K Saxena

“They gave an attractive quote and told us that they would take care of everything. We even saw some impressive promotional videos. There were some serious cracks and dampness, which they addressed very well. They filled up the cracks and fixed the dampness. We went for a vacation and on coming back, we saw that the house was completely transformed. We will be inviting friends and relatives for Onam. This time, we want to show our new, freshly-painted house and will definitely recommend Berger Paints to everybody.” – Soniya Santoy

This monsoon, as it rains, we hope you celebrate and cherish all the good things in life from the comfort and safety of your home and leave the trouble of waterproofing your walls to us. Happy Monsoons!

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