Rejuvenate Furniture

From trash to treasure, here’s how you can repurpose wooden furniture in commercial spaces using wood paint.

Looks do not matter- this very inspiring statement might no longer hold true and is losing its relevance. Research has proven that physical appearances have a major impact on creating a lasting impression and memorable experiences, especially when it comes to commercial spaces like cafes, hotels, offices and other enterprises.

In the hospitality sector where the appearance of the commercial spaces or offices has the biggest impact on the business, appeal and functionality of the furniture play an important part. Whether customers or clients, the first thing they notice while entering a commercial space is work areas, including office furniture.

Well maintained and comfortable wooden furniture accentuates the beauty of the space while creating a holistic experience. People are always inclined to clean, attractive furniture. However, due to heavy usage, it is difficult to keep the furniture in commercial spaces in good condition for long. It is common to notice signs of wear and tear in a couple of years. When replacing old furniture does not seem like a feasible option, consider investing in refurbishing and refinishing commercial furniture.

refurbishing commercial furniture

What’s the solution?

An easy, economical and efficient way to restore the pristine look and feel of your commercial furniture is to refinish it using paint for wood.

Berger Imperia Breathe Easy is a water-based polyurethane that is ideal for revamping old furniture pieces. You can give old pieces a completely new look at a fraction of the cost of brand-new items.

Zero-smell and non-toxic: This makes it extremely handy for projects like hotels, offices, cafes etc. that need to be occupied immediately after the wood painting work is done.

Anti-microbial: Because the furniture in commercial spaces is used frequently by several people throughout the day, this unique feature makes surfaces safer to touch since it kills 99.9% of germs and prevents fungal growth.

Extensive range: It can also be used for both interior and exterior wooden furniture and comes in a versatile wood colour range, from clears to bright transparent colours.

Ease of use: It can be applied by brush or roller and does not need air-assisted spray/compressor tools, so even regular emulsion applicators can apply it.

Economical: There are great benefits when you consider refinishing over the replacement of furniture. Repairing an old piece of furniture costs much less than buying a new one of similar quality.


Changing the interiors of your commercial space can be exciting and a little scary too. With the help of our painting professionals, you can make this process a whole lot Faster, Safer and Cleaner. If your commercial furniture needs revamping, let our Express Painting experts take care of all the work for you. Our experienced team will handle everything from colour consultation to setup to clean-up, leaving your furniture and space looking brand new!

To get in touch with our painting experts, SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or give us a call on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030.

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